Nets Hide MAJOR News Feds Ready to Indict Hunter Biden

Late Wednesday afternoon, news broke that the federal investigation into Hunter Biden has reached a “critical stage” and federal prosecutors are weighing what charges if any to pursue against President Biden’s delinquent son. 

The news was reported over an hour before any of the networks’ newscasts, but it even occurred! CNN’s Jake Tapper reporting on the latest developments, ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening NewsAnd NBC Nightly News decided to ignore the story and continue their week-long obsession with blaming the mid-July heat wave on “climate change.” 

On Fox News Channel’s Special ReportAfter taking over, Bret Baier was the anchor who not only reported on Hunter Biden but also took the lead with the news at the top. Five



“Breaking tonight, Fox News has learned the federal probe into President Biden’s son Hunter being conducted by the U.S. Attorney in Delaware has reached a quote: critical stage. The tax probe has been going on for years, but we’re told the investigation expanded in recent months,” Baier announced, adding “Hunter Biden could face a number of specific charges if prosecutors decide to move forward.” 

Picking up where Baier left off, correspondent David Spunt reported that “a source familiar with the investigation confirms the grand jury tasked with looking at potential evidence has wrapped up its latest term in this case in recent weeks.” 

Spunt added that, “the source said the U.S. Attorney and Justice Department officials were looking into whether to charge Hunter with various tax violations and more seriously possible foreign lobbying violations and possible false statements.” 

Things may be moving towards an indictment of some sort since the U.S. attorney looking into Hunter Biden is a Trump appointee named David Weiss who President Biden decided to keep on “to avoid an appearance of a conflict of interest,” according to Spunt. 

Spunt ended by noting that “Attorney General Merrick Garland has been asked about the Hunter Biden investigation for over a year now multiple times, every time he says he’s staying clear. Letting U.S. Attorney Weiss in Delaware conduct the investigation.” 

Chewy on ABC and Simplisafe (CBS) made it possible for this bias to be omitted from the broadcasts on evening news. Liberty Mutual on NBC also helped. You can contact them via the linked information to let them know of biased news that they have funded.

To read the transcript of the July 20 Report Special segment click “expand”:  

FNC’s Special Report 
July 20, 2022
Eastern, 6:00:23 

BRET BAIER – Fox News is reporting that the U.S. Department of Justice has entered a critical phase in its federal investigation into Hunter Biden, President Biden’s child. While the tax probe is ongoing since years, it has expanded significantly in recent months. 

Hunter Biden might face specific charges, if the prosecutors choose to proceed. David Spunt, a correspondent who has been closely following the story, will have the latest news at the top. David, good evening. 

DAVID SPUNT: Bret, good evening. It is getting close to midnight. Tonight Fox News confirms that things are heading in the right direction with regard to Hunter Biden’s federal probe. Sources close to the investigation say that the grand jury charged with looking into evidence may have completed its most recent term. The Department of Justice may be taking the next step in this case.

Although the President’s son is not being charged with any crime, he has been under investigation since 2018 in connection to tax matters and foreign business transactions. Sources said that the U.S. Attorney and Justice Department officers were looking at Hunter’s tax records and other possible violations of foreign lobbying laws. 

Joe Biden, who became President Biden, kept on David Weiss. Trump’s U.S. Assistant in Delaware. Sources claim that President Biden chose to do this in order to avoid the appearance of conflict of interests. Bret, Attorney General Merrick Garland has been asked about the Hunter Biden investigation for over a year now multiple times, every time he says he’s staying clear. Let U.S. Attorney Weiss, Delaware, conduct the investigation. Keep following.

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