Nets Forgive Swearing Biden: ‘Not Easy’ Being President! He Was ‘Frustrated!’

All three networks on Tuesday offered sympathy for Joe Biden calling Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch.” CBS explained, as though this were a new discovery now that Democrats are in charge: “It’s not easy being president.” ABC and NBC both stressed that Biden was simply “frustrated” by other reporters asking off-topic questions. 

Here was Monday’s exchange between Doocy and Biden: 

PETER DOOCY. Do you consider inflation a political liability heading into the midterms. 

JOE BIDEN: No, it’s a great asset. Increase inflation. This is a foolish bitch. 

You can find more information here CBS Mornings, co-host Tony Dokoupil lobbied for understanding about everything the President is going through: “Yesterday, with pressure building, President Biden had a profane hot mic moment with a reporter asking about a different subject about a different subject, inflation.” Offering empathy, he fretted, “ it’s not easy being President. I think President Biden is learning that anew this morning.” 



On ABC’s Good Morning America, reporter Mary Bruce indicated that maybe we shouldn’t do things to rattle Biden, “This was not a contentious line of questioning but Evidently, the President was disappointed He was asked a lot of questions at the economic event about Ukraine. And Doocy’s question even on topic clearly struck a nerve with the President.” 

On NBC’s Today, Kelly O’Donnell didn’t even play the offending clip. Instead, she summarized it as an “insulting response” from Biden. Like her colleague on ABC, O’Donnell called for understanding: “However [the President]It appeared disillusioned, saying he wanted… questions on the subject of the event, which was related to the economy.” 

ABC did not allow coverage at all on Tuesday morning and Monday night. On Tuesday morning, ABC allowed only 53 seconds and Monday night nothing. CBS came second with 17 seconds. CBS Evening NewsCBS Mornings, 51 seconds. A total of 68 seconds. NBC managed 45 seconds on Tuesday morning and 50 seconds on Monday’s Nightly News. (A total time of 95 seconds. 

As Biden’s gaffes and “hot mic” moments pile up, look for the networks to continue to argue for understanding and empathy towards our “frustrated” and sometimes  bewildered president. 

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You can find transcripts below. Click “expand” to read more. 

CBS Mornings

TOTAL TIME: 51 second 

TONY DOKOUPIL – Yesterday was a stressful day for President Biden. He had an inappropriate hot mic with a reporter who asked about inflation, a completely different topic. And, of course, he’s also facing questions from members of Congress about all his plans. Weijia Jiang has been a questioner to the president. She’s at the White House for us this morning. Weijia, it’s not easy being President. This morning, President Biden seems to be learning this lesson all over again. It’s good to see you. 

WEIJIA JOANG: When a Fox News reporter asked about inflation on Monday, Mr. Biden responded with an injest. 

PETER DOOCY – Do you believe inflation will be a political liability in the next midterm elections? 

JOE BIDEN: No, it’s a great asset. Increase inflation. This is a foolish bitch. 

JIANG: Fox News’ Peter Doocy, a Fox News reporter tells me President Biden called him about an hour later to clarify the situation. He said that the President told him it’s not personal and they talked about moving forward. Jericka? 

Good Morning America
7AM Tease

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS – President Biden answers a Fox News reporter’s question with an insult and profanity off the mic. This morning, what the White House and reporter are saying. 

53 seconds 

CECILIA VEGA : CECILIA VEGA, I’d like to question about an additional moment in the White House. It was your turn. A Fox News reporter asked the President a question. The president responded with profanity. Let’s watch. 

PETER DOOCY. Do you consider inflation a political liability heading into the midterms. 

JOE BIDEN: No, it’s a great asset. Increase inflation. This is a foolish bitch. 

VEGA: It’s all right. White House: The President trying to get the atmosphere cleared overnight. 

MARY BRUCE (Yes) Peter Doocy the reporter said that he was contacted by Biden personally. The president telling him, quote, “It’s nothing personal, pal.” Doocy said he appreciated the President’s call and had a nice conversation. Cecilia, these are the events you’re familiar with. The President did not find this a contentious question but he clearly was frustrated when he was asked about Ukraine during an economic event. Doocy’s question, even though it was on topic, clearly hit a nerve with Cecilia. 

Thank you, VEGA!

7.05 am

HODA KOTB : In the mean time, Kelly there was another headline from Washington. Yesterday, President Biden was found swearing at a reporter. Was that what actually happened? 

KELLY O’DONNELL: Well, reporters had asked the President about Ukraine an urgent topic because the President has not said if he is sending troops overseas, but he appeared frustrated saying he wanted to questi– he wanted questions on the subject of the event, which was related to the economy. Fox’s Peter Doocy asked the President about inflation, and he gave an infuriating answer. The President stood in front of an audience and a microphone. According to the White House’s account, Doocy was called last night by President Obama. He said later that the President informed him and cleared the air. 

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