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America was the main attraction of the Biden three-ring circus, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was the highlight for the majority of the week. Buttigieg, the first openly gay cabinet secretary, had been on paid paternity leave — along with husband Chasten Buttigieg after the couple adopted two infant twins.

Among GOP lawmakers, political pundits, the public, and organizations condemning Buttigieg for being “MIA” during the ever-worsening Biden Supply Chain Crisis™, the Log Cabin Republicans — America’s largest, conservative LGBTQ group — blasted Buttigieg’s prolonged absence in a Friday statement:

Buttigieg may be the second gay cabinet secretary but is also the first to lose his job. Amid an unprecedented supply-chain crisis that is ripping apart America’s economy, Buttigieg went MIA from the Department of Transportation for nearly two months.

Buttigieg is first officialOpenly gay Cabinet Secretary. The group apparently referenced Ric Grenell, Donald Trump’s Acting(Director of National Intelligence. Continued the Log Cabin Republicans’ statement:

It’s clear he doesn’t respect the gravity of his job, but even if he had showed up for work, it wouldn’t have made a difference —Pete Buttigieg was and remains completely unqualified to lead the Department of Transportation and was clearly hired by Joe Biden because he was gay and the Left prioritizes identity politics and wokeism.

If the DC media wasn’t so in the tank for Joe Biden and the Left, this story would have been reported weeks ago. Instead, it’s alarming that a cabinet secretary in Joe Biden’s Washington can leave work for weeks, and no one in the Washington press corps notices.

Ouch. Und 100 percent accurate.

Buttigieg had been absent during a months-long cargo ship/trucking crisis, which has led to empty store shelves, prompting “Empty Shelves Biden” to go viral. Breitbart reports that the price of goods has gone up in recent months, causing inflation and driving consumer prices into the stratosphere, as per data from the Labor Department.  But, hey — what’s one more Biden crisis?

So, why the controversy, beyond the obvious MIA of “Mayor Pete”?

“They didn’t previously announce it,” Buttigieg’s office told Politico’s West Wing Playbook. “The secretary has actually been on paid leave since mid-August to spend time with his husband, Chasten, and their two newborn babies,” desperately trying to cover Buttigieg’s assAdd:

“For the first four weeks, he was mostly offline except for major agency decisions and matters that could not be delegated. He has been ramping up activities since then.” As he does that, Buttigieg will “continue to take some time over the coming weeks to support his husband and take care of his new children.”

On cue, and correctly so, Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted Buttigieg’s absence, mocking the AWOL cabinet secretary:

“Paternity leave, they call it, trying to figure out how to breastfeed, no word on how that went.”

Yeah, let’s not go there.

Buttigieg was prompt to show up PMSNBC MSNBC to defend himself during an appearance with the ever-silly host, Nicolle Wallace — and Wallace’s predictable Slobberpalooza was On.  

Let’s see what Ric Grenell had to say on Twitter regarding the Buttigieg mess.

It’s clear Pete Buttigieg was hired because he’s gay. Two months after 6 months, he is fired! These are the results of Cabinet hirings made in accordance with identity politics’ woke rules.

Amen, Ric.

Incidentally, Biden’s “twofer” — black female — vice president was unavailable for comment, no doubt off somewhere making fake, cringeworthy videos or sampling more tasty treats.

In the meantime we don’t know if Pete and Chasten plan to expand their family.

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