Nadler Fights Jordan Over Powerful Video of Parents the AG Is Effectively Demonizing – Opinion

Merrick Garland, Attorney General of Texas is testifying today before Congress about the troubling memo which he published. He stated that parents had threatened school board members with threats from the FBI.

Many are justifiably concerned that this is an effort to politically chill the rights of parents from speaking on behalf of what is being taught to their children, as the parents’ movement against teaching subjects like Critical Race Theory has gained great ground.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R.OH) questioned Garland today and he amazingly testified that he acted based upon the National School Boards Association letter. As we previously noted, that letter was pretty sparse when it came to actual ‘threats.’ Indeed, the letter seemed to characterize things that were clearly freedom of speech as “threats” and counted things like the arrest of Scott Smith who was involved in a scuffle because of his objection to the Loudoun superintendent not telling the truth about his daughter allegedly being raped in a school bathroom. Loudoun did more than just get it wrong by the way they handled the whole thing.

But when Jim Jordan then tried to show Garland a video of the parents that he was demonizing on the basis of the NSBA’s letter, the House Judiciary Committee Chair flipped out and complained that Jordan was violating a rule, refusing to let the video be shown.

“It’s a video of moms and dads speaking at school board meetings,” Jordan said, questioning why Nadler and the Democrats wouldn’t allow it in. Nadler tried to shut it out saying it violated the protocol of giving 48 hours’ notice. Jordan made the point that this wasn’t a rule. Nadler even admitted in the “normal course of business” they don’t object to such an introduction of evidence. The bigger question is why they would object? What didn’t they want Americans to see?

When you look at the video, it’s very clear what the Democrats didn’t want people to see. They didn’t want Americans to see the very legitimate and reasonable concerns that parents have that Garland is possibly going after with this effort. You can clearly see this in the powerful online video released by the Republicans.

Parents speaking from the heart against Critical Race Theory and calling it what it is — racism. One teacher spoke about quitting because she didn’t want to push the “highly politicized agenda” that she was being forced to push.

These folks aren’t “threats” to anyone. What they are is a powerful movement to stop the political agenda being pushed on their children and that’s what the Democrats truly fear.

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