John Durham’s Investigation Is Much Farther Reaching Than Originally Thought – Opinion

After years of silence, we finally started to get news regarding John Durham’s probe into the Trump-Russia investigation. RedState reports that Michael Sussmann was arrested as one of the corrupt lawyers involved in the fake Alfa Bank story against Donald Trump.

It was then that something unexpected happened, raising eyebrows. Oleg Deripaska’s home was raided by the FBI. The left attempted to portray it as another attack on Paul Manafort. Others suspected that it was connected to the Durham investigation.

That theory was bolstered today after it was revealed that the scope of Durham’s investigation is reaching much farther than originally thought.

Durham is definitely making moves if he’s going after Fusion GPS and the DNC along with the individuals he’s targeting. I certainly didn’t expect that given how quiet things have been for so long. Most people assumed that he was closing the books. In truth, that was the report from a few months back. Yet, he’s burst onto the scene with a big indictment and is apparently not done yet.

Could he be getting to the bottom of the DNC “hack,” which has always seemed more likely to be a leak based on the evidence we have? Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS) will be caught up in the whole thing. It would be a sign of some justice, we can only hope.

However, we know for certain that numerous Democrat-backed organizations and individuals spread false allegations in 2016 to attempt to derail Donald Trump. If we want to rid the system of corruption and interfering with elections, those people must pay.

Another piece of news involves Durham’s budget, which AG Merrick Garland all but confirmed has been extended. In other words, he’s not closing up shop anytime soon.

“I think you can readily assume that his budget has been approved,” Garland said. “We don’t normally make a statement about those said things.”

Garland added: “You would know if he weren’t continuing to do his work.”

We are looking at a probable expansion of Durham’s reach, and I’m as surprised as anyone. It was really hard to believe he would deliver anything. After Sussmann’s indictment, I thought he would deliver nothing. But now Durham is branching out into places Democrats really don’t want him snooping around.

Let’s hope there’s a lot more to come as this continues. While nothing can ever make up for the events of 2016, it would be nice to see corrupt Democrat operatives go to prison.

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