MSNBC: Decrease Big City Crime Waves, But Don’t Be Like Rudy Giuliani!

The countless billions that have been spent on countless government programs, since LBJ’s creation of the War on Poverty has not only failed to alleviate the societal ills it was supposed to remedy. Most measures show that they’ve made matters worse.

Liberals do not learn. Their solution to societal problems continues to be to spend—or to use their euphemism, “invest”—yet more money—or to use another of their euphemisms, “resources.” So it was this that Jonathan Capehart offered Lori Lightfoot, Democrat Mayor of Chicago, a platform on MSNBC to discuss her recent spending spree ostensibly to fix the city’s criminal wave. Lightfoot stated, “We cannot just.” Arrest Our way out from the crime problem We have to Place your money Our way out of this dilemma.”

Capehart sounds like an MSNBC liberal and offers this softball:How can Madam Mayor address violent crime in cities, without having to resort to failed policies from the past?” That would presumably be a reference to the bad-old-days of Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, when they, you know, actually did reduce crime in New York City! Ironically, Capehart worked as a speechwriter in Bloomberg’s 2001 mayoral campaign. Capehart, however, has since joined the far right. 



Capehart welcomed his guest and stated that Lightfoot had “directed millions of dollars” to the center’s community safety coordination center in recent months.  Lightfoot continued to boast that Chicago has “transformational levels” of resources. She stated that the money would “be spent in coordination with our community partners.”

Let’s see. Chicago Mayor has obtained a large amount of “transformational money.” And she’ll be distributing it in part to “community partners” in connection with a new “community center” that is a “whole-of-government” response. It’s not possible to find Chicago-way boondoggles. 

Lightfoot used a lot of libspeak, in addition to declaring that we have to “invest our way out” of criminality.She described adult criminals responsible for the violence as being “under-resourced” 

Look for a defendant sometime soon, quoting Lightfoot in court:  “You can’t blame me for that Vuitton smash-and-grab, Your Honor. Ask the Mayor, I was under-resourced.

Not to be confused with Lightfoot’s plan for spending millions of dollars on a government program, Capehart did not challenge Lightfoot.

On Jonathan Capehart’s MSNBC show, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot saying “we have to invest our way” out of the crime problem was sponsored in part by Subway and ASPCA.

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Sunday Show
10:59 am ET

JONATHAN CAPEHART – Since August, Chicago Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Los Angeles has given millions to the center for community safety coordination. for a ‘whole-of-government’ response to reduce the violence that’s killing Chicago’s men, women and children. Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Mayor, is joining me. Mayor Lightfoot: Thank you so much for returning to The Sunday Show.

LORI LIGHTFOOT : It’s my pleasure.

CAPEHART: So, Madam Mayor, How can cities combat violent crime and not resort to past failures?

LIGHTFOOT (Lightfoot): That’s the key question. At least in Chicago we are in an era where there is a transformational level of resource. There is a lot of transformational potential. The question now is how can we make it happen. That’s precisely what Chicago is trying to achieve. 

What do we know? The rule of thumb has been that when violence is at its highest, the first and most effective response was to increase law enforcement resources. While it may temporarily reduce crime, the root causes of violence will remain. 

Let’s face it, short-term, we need to make certain that the police department holds violent, dangerous persons accountable. Also, we must work closely with county prosecutors, as well the court system, to make sure when arrests are made, that the individuals involved feel the responsibility and accountability. 

However, the longer-term outlook is positive This problem is not something we can just fix. This problem requires us to make investments. We can see that the majority of perpetrators and victims of violent crime in my community are aged 18 or more, which causes us to rethink our priorities. Investment resources. While we must continue supporting our youth, it is also important to recognize that adults can be just as supportive. these unemployed, under-resourced The ones driving the violence are adults. 

Also The community safety coordination centre is our holistic approach to government. That means we bring together every facet of city government with any responsibility, or any effect on violence community, in the same space. This allows us to see across these work streams what is happening in certain areas. We are using data-driven strategy and This is done in cooperation with our community partners.Already, we are seeing significant progress in how we deal with crime and the ways in which communities are resourcing. This is how we will get out of the long-term problems, and not only in Chicago. I think it’s possible across the country.

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