Donald Trump Blasts Mark Milley in Triggering Commentary – Opinion

Donald Trump is causing consternation again, and it didn’t all originate from the speech he gave Saturday evening in Texas. Trump, Jr. made the brief trip to Houston Sunday afternoon, where he spoke at Don Jr.’s conference.

The former president slammed Gen. Mark Milley during his remarks. He described him with a humorous expletive, while also describing the disconnect between the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the withdrawing of the US military forces.

There will be people who don’t like the language used here, and I can understand that, but when he’s right, he’s right. Milley’s leadership skills are completely lacking. The way in which the withdrawal-turned-evacuation from Afghanistan transpired was a tragedy and largely avoidable. Milley and other politicians accepted a plan of attack that was bound to fail, in an attempt to get Joe Biden elected. In the end, 13 American military personnel and numerous Afghan civilians lost their lives.

Trump mentioned 60 million dollars in planes. I believe he was referring to the A-29 Super Tucano close-air-support aircraft, which eventually fell into the Taliban’s hands. Perhaps he meant Black Hawk helicopters, or ScanEagle aerial drones. While some fact-checker will probably rush to quibble over the details, the former president’s point remains the same: Allowing such weaponry to fall into the hands of a terrorist government was insane.

Milley had the chance to be what he’s always claimed to be, which is a principled defender of what’s right. He became a partisan as soon as Joe Biden was elected, in order to gain favor with the White House. Milley made wild claims about the prevention of a coup. He also admitted that he might have intended to commit Chinese treason. Of course, all to be the orange man.

Milley gave in to the bizarre demands of the Biden government when mainstream media interviews stopped. He didn’t resign in protest the way he no doubt would have done under Trump, had he been asked to do what ultimately happened in Afghanistan. Milley instead gassed the nation and refused to take responsibility.

So yeah, Trump used some naughty words in levying his criticism, but he’s dead-on about Milley. The U.S. military leadership has gone sour from the top. The results are clear: Politics has taken precedence over readiness. Even worse, no one is accountable. Without accountability, the U.S. is going to remain extremely vulnerable and degraded on the global stage.

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