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Best-selling author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s brilliant, but very disturbing new film “2000 Mules,” lays out convincing evidence of systematic and targeted voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

Using geo-tracking technology, it appears that Democratic Party political operatives or “mules” stuffed ballots into unmonitored election drop-off boxes — often in the early hours of the morning — in key battleground states. RedState’s Managing Editor Jen Van Laar lays out the details (and fact-checks the “fact-checkers”) here.

Before Dinesh’s movie premiered at Mar-A-Lago, my radio partner and I were able to interview him on our radio station.

Following their 2020 electoral brazenness, Democrats tried to insinuate some of these acts into federal law. An example of this is the “Republican” Freedom to Vote Act This is basically a federal takingover of electoral laws.

The Another example of this is the John Lewis Voting Rights ActAccording to these states, they cannot amend their voting laws without Congress’ consent.

Their electoral fortunes look less bright for the next midterm elections so we expect to see more brazen cheating. It is currently happening in Michigan which is a key battleground.

As President Americans for Citizen Voting (ACV)My top priorities are voting integrity, helping every American have full faith in the electoral system and helping them to vote.

One of the surest – and easiest — methods of ensuring electoral integrity is the requirement of a state-issued photo ID card. You should show ID proof to vote on election day.

To purchase alcohol and cigarettes, open a bank account, apply for food stamps and Social Security and unemployment, board an aircraft, adopt a pet and organize a rally, a photo ID issued by the state is necessary. We have also learned since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic that you need to show a photo ID in order to obtain a COVID vaccination and take a COVID-test.

Photo ID critics claim that it is racist and denies African American voters the right to vote. The idea that African Americans would be incapable of getting a photo ID is racist. ACV conducted a poll in Michigan earlier this year and found that 75 percent support photo identification.

ACV is used in conjunction with SecureMI.org, It is gathering signatures for Michigan to determine whether it wants to amend its constitution to make voting easier by requiring a photo identification issued by the state.

It is well-known that the country has a shortage of labor and photo ID opponents are working to make this work for their benefit. That’s why anti-democratic forces are pulling out all the stops and dirty tricks to thwart our petition gathering efforts:

Opponents of an effort to expand Michigan’s voter identification requirements orchestrated a “scheme to pay off” petition circulators in violation of campaign finance laws, a complaint obtained by The Detroit News alleged. Dustin Wefel, a Michigan petition gatherer, was behind the complaint to the Secretary of State’s office, targeting Protect MI Vote, the group opposing the effort to institute new ID standards for elections. Wefel’s filing claimed Protect MI Vote worked with a consulting firm, Groundgame Political Solutions, to compensate petition gatherers, in part, so they wouldn’t assist the Secure MI Vote initiative, making it difficult for the group to advance its proposal. The payments weren’t properly disclosed in fundraising reports, the complaint alleged. Text messages were included in the filing, as well as a contract worth $50,000 between Roundgame and Wefel. Read more…

This sorry episode shows once again that Liberals can’t win elections on the merit of their ideas or on the strength of their candidates, but instead, have to resort to cheating and dirty tricks in order to win elections.

They are predicting that 100 million COVID-related infections will occur this fall. Therefore, they may want to implement draconian electoral protections starting 2020. It is important to be vigilant about election fraud, and prevent another 2020.

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