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The Michigan election lords must have heard my comments on my radio show on WAAM 1600 A.M. & 92.7 F.M. A few weeks back, I was in Ann Arbor. As we approached FEBRUARY, it was very quiet so I wondered aloud when Whitmer’s GOP nominees would make moves the public might notice.

For political geeks like moi, it’s a little too quiet.

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That or the guy who won a Pulitzer for his work and does actual reporting might break the story that an event involving someone in the Governor’s race is going to happen. It was a lucky escape.

Charlie LeDuff has been the subject of several stories I’ve written and covered over the years. He is a must-read for his work in skirting Governor Whitmer’s COVID restrictions, the Flint water disaster, and the nursing home numbers mess up during COVID. If you like to learn about the world around you, this is for you.

On Friday, I happened to come across a Facebook post from LeDuff from January 31st about a candidate for the GOP nomination for Governor in Michigan holding a fundraiser — but it was being held at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, which is, of course, in Florida.

Here is the post…

You might think that anyone representing Michigan should not run for office in another state where there is a tin can for donations. I’m going to guess that most of those people have never spent a full winter in Michigan.

In case you hadn’t heard, Governor. Whitmer, according to a reputable source, held some fundraising events in California just last November. Fox News report. The state experienced a huge surge in COVID-19.

Start at This report

Michigan governor. According to Fox New Digital, Gretchen Whitmer was at cross-country fundraising events held in California as her home state was the leader in COVID-19 case filings.

On Nov. 16, 2021, Detroit News headlines said “Michigan leads the nation in new COVID cases,” and “Michigan is now the worst COVID-19 hot spot in nation.” That same day, Whitmer was in California for a fundraising event, according to the 2021 fundraising reports.

Whitmer collected approximately $78,000 through the appearance. It was only one of a multi-day trip that took Whitmer to California.

So in the battle of fundraisers outside of Michigan, I’m going to give the nod to the newcomer Tudor Dixon over Gov. Gretch. Florida has done a much better job of handling this “pandemic” than California and the Detroit Tigers hold their spring training games in Lakeland, Florida.

This conclusion is supported by science and can not be refuted.

A fundraiser held at Trump’s former home offers the chance that Trump will drop by to say hi.

There are many crazy possibilities in the Land of the Talking Mouse.

Trump did not endorse Tudor Dixon’s campaign. However, the video shows that the ex-President was well behaved and Tudor Dixon appeared to be enjoying Trump’s presence. Although we’ve had several GOP nominees for almost a year, this shows that things are heating up. We should hear more about all of the candidates soon.

Whitmer, despite being a candidate without a viable future in politics should still be the Governor of Michigan. She raised more than 14 million dollars last year for her campaign according to Bridge Michigan. Her chances of winning again are much greater than those in the Michigan GOP could imagine. With her track record of failures over the three previous years, it would seem that she was dead, but Michigan is Michigan.

I look forward to this race heating up — and the weather with it, for cripes sake.

Also, if you want to spend a little over an hour each Friday live — or anytime after — watching a show that is both entertaining and informative you do need to check out the No B.S. Newshour with Charlie LeDuff Click Here. LeDuff has broken some major stories over the past year doing the work that the mainstream media folks just won’t or can’t do. If you look closely, you’ll learn at least one thing.

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