Maximum Cope Engaged as Democrats Desperately Look for a Way to Stop SCOTUS Abortion Decision – Opinion

Recent difficulties for Democrats have been difficult.

Susie Moore, my colleague earlier Wednesday reported on Wednesday that the inflation rate was 8.3% in April. Meanwhile, over in Europe, Russia is still waging a war in Ukraine despite early proclamations that sanctions would crush Putin’s regime. Then there’s the border, which we don’t even talk about anymore, but which is an abject humanitarian and security disaster. The country also has a severe shortage of diesel fuel and baby formula. It’s enough to make people long for the days of Jimmy Carter.

Despite all this, Democrats hold the White House and both the chambers of Congress. The hits keep coming, with news about Roe v. WadeThe Supreme Court will likely overturn the decision. This is the most difficult year for the Democrat Party in recent history. I can’t say for sure, but it’s got to be up there.

That’s leading to some next-level desperation, with Democrats desperately looking for a way out, and they think they’ve found a possible savior: Chief Justice John Roberts.

There’s cope and then there’s maximum cope. We are witnessing the latter, and it’s a joy to behold as pro-abortion radicals flail about, hoping for some deus ex machinaTo save them.

Let’s start with the idea that “legal experts” have any special insight here. Technically, is it possible for Roberts and someone else to convince them to change their vote? Sure, and it’s also possible that the Supreme Court overturns Obergefell. Something being possible doesn’t mean it’s realistic. There are many reasons to believe that Roberts won’t succeed in getting any of the Justices to reverse his decision. RoeYou can change your mind.

To start, as RedState reported this morning, Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked majority decision is still the only existing draft that has been circulated, and that draft has been out since February. If Roberts thought he could change someone’s mind, wouldn’t he have written an alternative majority decision that retains RoeTo lobby with now? That he hasn’t done so is telling. Either he’s got no sense of urgency, or he knows it’s a doomed effort.

Next, you have to consider that Roberts’ reported desire to keep Roe but to get rid of the viability standard, thereby upholding Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban, makes no legal sense. Enforcement of Roe/Casey revolves around that viability standard, and while I’m sure Roberts would love to appease the left by not technically overturning Roe, I can’t see the conservative justices signing onto something so faulty. This is one of the key arguments to overturning Roe has nothing to do with abortion, but rather, the fact that it’s just a horribly written, horribly reasoned decision. Replacing one bad, nonsensical decision with another isn’t going to fly.

Lastly, there’s the credibility of the court to consider. The legitimacy of the Supreme Court will end if a justice changes his vote in face of the full court press by left-wing intimidation. Roberts has never been a perfect man, yet he always considered the legitimacy and integrity of the court to be his greatest concern. Roberts must be careful about the court being blatantly politically if it responds to left-wing pressures.

All that being said, Roberts is unlikely to be able to get any conservatives voting for him. I’m not even sure he’s trying at this point. These headlines in the media suggest that such things are merely wishful thinking.

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