Concerned Women For America Office Vandalized By Pro-Choice Activist

The Concerned Women for America (CWA) office in Washington, D.C. was vandalized on Saturday by a man who reportedly has a history of taunting CWA staff.

In a video that first aired on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” this man (who remains unidentified) ripped the intercom system from the front entrance, made obscene gestures at the security camera and then proceeded to urinate on the door and windows.

“This has been an ongoing issue, but unfortunately, it’s escalated,” CWA CEO and President Penny Nance said. This activist has stated that he does not like the CWA’s position on life. Over the last several weeks, he harassed staff and has thrown objects at our building as well as on vehicles in our secured parking lot. This weekend, it got worse.

The man’s actions come in the wake of the leaked Supreme Court document that hints that the federal protections afforded by Roe v. Wade It could be taken out.

Nance stated that her and her group would never compromise their firm stance on the rights to life, despite the obvious actions of an abortion sympathizer.

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It doesn’t matter what anyone says, the bottom line is this: Never back down from defending life,” Nance said. “We aren’t vile or hostile. We’re joyful, smiling, happy warriors and we will continue to fight on the side of righteousness and on the side of life.”

Fox News Digital received a statement from Jason Miyares the Virginia Attorney General condemning the incident after being informed by CWA.

“It’s never acceptable to resort to intimidation, destruction, or violence in our political discourse,” Miyares said. Miyares said, “We need to embrace diversity in opinion, civil dialogue and debate because it is vital for America’s uniqueness and freedom.”

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