Again! PolitiFact Cries LIE on Kentucky Derby ‘Horse’s Ass’ JOKES About Biden

PolitiFact, a Democrat fact-check website called PolitiFact, is so dedicated to defending President Biden it has repeated its lame fact check of past Kentucky Derby jokes. On Monday, staff writer Monique Curet threw a “Pants on Fire” rating at a Facebook user named Eddie Foley — with about 1,300 friends at this juncture — for repeating a joke about Biden being insulted as a “horse’s ass.”

Recall that PolitiFact flags Biden critics, including anti-Biden jokers, six times more often than it checks President Obama. Since last July, this website has not evaluated any utterances by Vice President Harris. That was ten months ago. Hunter Biden There’s not a page. Karine Jean Pierre, new press secretary There’s not a page.

However, we must be certain that this amazing upset of Saturday wasn’t marred somehow by anti-Biden comments: 

But there is no evidence that Leon made that remark about Biden, based on Leon’s Twitter profile, video footage of his post-race comments and jockey comments released by the Derby. These remarks were not included in any reliable stories.

There also is no evidence — such as White House press releases or credible news stories — that Leon received or declined an invitation to the White House.

Curet reported PolitiFact barked fiercely at this Biden joke for the second year in a row!

In 2018, in what was clearly a joke, the same quote was attributed to the horse, Justify, that year’s winner of the Kentucky Derby and the prestigious Triple Crown, awarded to a three-year-old Thoroughbred horse that wins the Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes in a single season.

“Breaking: #Justify turns down invitation to White House,” read one June 9, 2018, viral tweet. “Asked why? #TripleCrown winner said,”If I wanted to see a horse’s ass, I would’ve finished second.” Former President Donald Trump was then in office.

In 2021, the joke eluded folks when it was changed to falsely attribute the quote to a real person: jockey John Velazquez, who won the Kentucky Derby that year.

But Velazquez didn’t say it and neither did Leon.

This claim is Pants on Fire!

This makes it easy to laugh at their claims on social media that they “honestly, independently report” and “hold people responsible.” To police mean-spirited humor about their chief executive, they use money from Facebook. 

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