Massie Shows Fascinating Video While Grilling Garland on Feds Involved in Jan. 6 Riot – Opinion

Today, Merrick Garland, Attorney General of the United States was testifying before Congress. We reported earlier on some of that testimony, including Garland saying that basically, his decision to have agencies look into alleged “threats” against school boards was based on a letter from the National School Board Association (NSBA). Garland, in an exchange with Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, did not provide any data that would show any increase in threats/attacks. The Democrats were also unwilling to admit a Jordan video as evidence. The video showed the people that Garland’s action had effectively demonized: people who were peacefully and justifiably upset that school districts were shoving politicized agenda like Critical Race Theory down their kids’ throats.

But representatives weren’t only asking about the Garland demonizing and going after parents — potentially chilling speech — they were also asking questions on other subjects as well, including on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R.KY.) asked a curious question after watching videos of an active man on Jan. 5, and Jan. 6. The man can be seen telling the people to go inside the Capitol on the 5th. On Jan. 6, Massie says he’s directing people to the Capitol and then he’s there at the barricades as they are being pushed, but doesn’t appear to push them himself. But “as far as we can find,” Massie says, “this individual has not been charged with anything.”

Massie was curious if the federal agent-provocateur was this man?

Today I wanted to offer you an opportunity for me to address the fears that some people may have about federal agents and assets being present in the Federal Government on January 5th, 6th, and 6. Without referring to specific videos, can you please tell us how many government agents and assets were there on January 6th? Do they want to get into the Capitol? What if they did?

Garland refused to answer the question, saying he wasn’t going to comment on an investigation that’s ongoing. But if you think about that, that’s a bit of a comment right there. If the man isn’t currently being prosecuted despite them obviously knowing who he is, when most of the other folks have been, then there has to be a way that he’s part of an “ongoing” investigation. If he isn’t being prosecuted, then it raises the question if he’s involved because he’s a witness/informant/agent.

Here’s the video of which Massie was speaking.

People on the video, at one point, become convinced that he’s a “fed” on Jan. 5 when he urges people to go into the Capitol the next day. Now, that doesn’t mean he is, but the circumstances where he shows up in multiple places are intriguing. At one point on the video, he’s also standing right next to the former BLM protest organizer, John Sullivan, who very definitely went into the building and who is being prosecuted.

Garland needs to answer this basic question, even if it’s in general terms. He’s not compromising anything if he just answers yes or no, or the number. The answer to the question is “no” if it’s not. The answer to the question is not enough. This opens the doors for more questions.

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