The Democratic Party Declares War on Parents – Opinion

One thing that is quite clear is that the Democrats have decided you as parents don’t really Not required a say in how public education handles your child’s needs in school.

Throughout the pandemic, we got multiple reports of the teachers’ unions coordinating with the Biden administration on school closures, keeping children out of schools. Although there was an immediate reversal when numbers began to turn against them, students all across America were not spared the consequences.

While we know there was significant academic and social loss and delayed emotional and social development, Democrats have never admitted that science didn’t support their claims. They just coordinated to screw the kids and dismissed parent concerns as anti-science.

Now we know that the White House also coordinated with the head of the National School Board Association in crafting the letter that accused parents – the ones who were speaking out at school board meetings – of being “domestic terrorists,” despite there being no reference to any incident that could be classified as such.

The NSBA letter was so controversial that several state school boards associations issued statements or letters expressing disagreement with its contents and requesting reconsideration of their association with it.

This just gets piled on with Terry McAuliffe’s remarks that parents should not have a say in what schools teach their kids and the Connecticut Democratic Party endorsing an editorial cartoon calling parents who attend school board meetings monsters. The Democrats are very clearly declaring war on parents who want to be involved with, and have a say in, their children’s education.

Going back to what I wrote yesterday, it’s clear that Democrats are misreading the room on this issue and that Republicans will base their 2022 strategy in part on local education issues. What the Democrats don’t seem to want to realize is that these issues matter more to voters than what happened on January 6. An attempted “insurrection” happened in D.C., but a perceived threat from Critical Race Theory could affect their kids education, and that is what they are more focused on.

The NSBA letter, the Department of Justice guidance, the editorial cartoon, the school closures at the height of the COVID-19 crisis all show a deep divide between the Biden administration/Democratic Party and parents. It could not have come at a more difficult time for Democrats who watch in horror how a state that was a 10 point advantage last year has now shifted to the Republican side.

Nationwide, it’s even worse. He’s losing support among all demographic groups, and so far there doesn’t seem to be a floor. They have misunderstood the room, not just in regards to education, but also on local issues that are important for families.

Instead of trying to understand, they have been dismissive of inflation and supply chain woes, are secretly rejoicing that Americans are starting to get priced out of driving thanks to gas prices, and they have declared war on parents who want to have a say in their kids’ education.

But if the Democrats feel they are losing the political war, and deep down I feel like they might, then it makes sense that they’d want to make a last stand in the social and cultural war. Protect education from parents and don’t indoctrinate. They might be able to squeeze an additional generation of voters out of the system before it collapses under the pressure of angry families.

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