Horny Teacher Who Had Sex With 2 Special Needs Students: I Regret Nothing

“These were not two valedictorians.”

Laura Ramos, a former Connecticut high school teacher, did not contest the charges brought against her in court: sexually assaulting two special education students.

As the judge meted out the sentence — five years in prison — she seemed shaken, but lacking remorse, according to Connecticut Post reporter Daniel Tepfer. Her eyes, Tepfer recorded, were widened but dry.

In fact, the prosecutor pointed to her lack of remorse, evident in the fact that her relationship with one of the students continued throughout the trial, as cause for the judge to show leniency.

Ramos, the mother of a 3-year-old daughter, was found guilty in two cases of sexual assault. The first was of an 18-year-old special education student, with whom she had a relation ship for over a year. She later admitted to having sex with the student “a handful of times.”

The second set of charges came after she was already caught for the first. This time, police claimed she has been “assaulting” another special education student, 17, on several occasions, including public venues. On one occasion, the two had sex in her car after going out on a date. On another, she convinced the student to had sex with her in a back room at a restaurant, after telling him that her husband “starved her of sex.” Ramos later texted the student that that was the best sex she ever had, he later told the police.

She was arrested in June 2017, while she was driving her student to the beach.

Immediately after, she resigned. To support her family, she took a part-time job as a waitress at a diner.

“This is not a situation where we have an adult who has an inappropriate relationship with a 12-year-old,” Edward Gavin, Ramos’ lawyer, told the judge. “These were two young men, one nearly 18 and the other almost 19.”

“These were not two valedictorians,” the judge answered angrily. “These are special education students and they need more support. Teachers need to know that if they cross those boundaries the court is going to take a firm stand.”

The growing social awareness about sexual misconduct and harassment has left the abuse of young men by women under the radar, leading some to resent the seeming double standard. Of course some, generally speaking, disagree…

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