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Jealous GF Admits She Reported Boyfriend as Sex Predator Because He Talked to Younger Woman

A woman confessed to a British tabloid that – in a fit of jealousy – she reported her then-boyfriend to police as a possible sex predator after spotting him speaking to a young woman.

Maggie Ralph-Jones, a mother of three who is currently single, told The Sun in an interview published Friday that her jealousy causes her to go to extreme lengths when she’s in a relationship.

“In the past I’ve routinely counted out the condoms in the packet by the bed, I look in the bins. I’ve checked bed sheets for hairs that aren’t mine. I’ll sniff the pillows and bed sheets too,” she confessed.

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Ralph-Jones, 43, described the time she found a used sanitary pad in the trash, thinking it was evidence that her boyfriend-at-the-time was seeing another woman.


“Turned out it was his mum’s – apparently,” Ralph-Jones revealed.

On another occasion, the Sheffield, England resident let the air out of an ex-lover’s tires because he received a thong in the mail.

Perhaps the most extreme example of Ralph-Jones’ possessiveness was the time she called the cops on a former lover after finding him tossing a frisbee “with a teenager, who looked like something on the page of Sports Illustrated.”

“In a fit of jealousy I called the police and told them I was worried about a man with an underage girl,” said Ralph-Jones. “They arrived within minutes – blue lights flashing – and questioned both of them. Turns out she was 21 and on holiday with her girlfriend.”

Ralph-Jones’ ex still doesn’t know she was the one who reported him to police, she said.

“In the end I gave him the boot for my own piece of mind,” Ralph-Jones said.

The Sun profiled two others for its piece on women who admit to being extremely jealous.

One woman confessed to hacking her boyfriend’s phone and puncturing his tires because of jealousy.

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Another woman said she changes her partner’s password on his phone so he can’t use it and will question him on his whereabouts if he interacts with other women on social media.

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