Jealous GF Pays Stranger $50 to Seduce ‘Cheating’ Ex — Ends up Alone and Hated by Internet

“Be honest and tell me that you were cheating on me.”

A woman last week confronted her ex-boyfriend on the popular Snapchat show “Second Chance,” demanding that he come clean about allegedly cheating on her when they were dating.

But the man ended up being vindicated by an-air plot twist that turned the video into a viral sensation – and turned the internet against his jealous ex-girlfriend.

Alysha Bush, 23, started out the show on the offensive. She told her ex, Kourbine Lee, also 23, that when they were dating, she had grown suspicious of what she called his online flirting. So, Bush admitted, she had tracked down a woman at his gym on Instagram and paid her $50 to hit on him.

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After the hired seductress, Paula Contento, reported back that Lee had initiated sex with her, Bush ended the couple’s one-and-a-half-year relationship last June.

Apparently confronting Lee about the alleged affair for the first time on Second Chance, Bush demanded a confession. When he refused, maintaining his innocence, she sought to publicly shame him by looping in Contento by video.

At first, Contento corroborated Bush’s story as expected. But in a “Maury”-worthy revelation, she then revealed that she had made up the whole story in hopes of winning Lee for herself.

“I didn’t think that she deserved you, so I lied,” Contento admitted. “Clearly, she doesn’t value you for the faithful amazing man that you are. I though, you know, maybe I have a chance because –”


Bush furiously interjected: “So you’re trying to home-wreck us so that you can be with him?”

She then cut off the video call, complaining: “She lied to my face.”

“And what have I been saying?” Lee responded.

A shamefaced Bush apologized.

“Alright well, I’m sorry for doing that and for making it go that far instead of talking to you about it,” she said.

The drama, a clip of which has racked up 15 million views on Twitter, earned both Bush and Contento a wave of opprobrium from the typically feminism-friendly platform.

Many men said their worst suspicions about women had been confirmed.

Some people warned Lee not to take Bush back, which he had agreed to do at the end of the show.

In a final twist, Lee later told Buzzfeed News that she and Bush had broken up again after the show. She said she had received a lot of hate messages, but was “just laughing it off.”

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