Man Stabbed to Death After Refusing to Fight Back Against Jealous Girlfriend

“It’s as if she uses black magic to keep us together.”

A young woman has been jailed for stabbing her boyfriend to death with a barbecue skewer.

Svetlana Boyarinova, 27, speared Evgeny Solyanik through the chest with the 2-foot-long implement after accusing him of cheating on her. The attack occurred last July at a lakeside picnic in Russia.

Boyarinova was violently jealous and had repeatedly abused Solyanik, 26, in the past, a Cheylabinsk-region court heard. He apparently never fought back, and always denied her accusations of infidelity.

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He was said to have told his friends: “It’s as if she uses black magic to keep us together.”

After the stabbing, Boyarinova pulled the skewer out of Solyanki’s chest, and she and a friend took him to a hospital. After he was treated, the group returned to their picnic at Lake Kasargi.

However, the following morning, Solyanik’s condition deteriorated, and Boyarinova rushed him back to the hospital. He was found to have damage to this heart and one of his lungs and was given emergency surgery.

He died on the operating table hours later.

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Boyarinova was detained and confessed to the stabbing. The court recently convinced her of manslaughter and sentenced her to six and a half years in prison.

Women are the primary targets of domestic violence worldwide, and Russia in 2017 decriminalized some forms of the abuse. In the United States, the #MeToo movement has drawn renewed attention to the various ways that men mistreat women, from physical violence to Aziz Ansari-type bad dates.

But a large number of men face domestic violence, too, and their experiences are often dismissed. One in seven American men has endured “severe” domestic violence, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

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