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Woman Goes Viral for Photo of Man Carrying Her Baby Alongside Guy Who Fathered Her Other Kid

A photograph showing a woman’s fiancee and ex-boyfriend strolling blissfully alongside the blended family’s children has gone viral on Facebook.

Last week, the uplifting stories blog Love What Matters shared Madison Holley’s story and photo to Facebook.

The image shows Holley’s former partner – and the father to her 3-year-old son – walking out of the hospital with her current flame – and dad to her newborn child.

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“Just because a relationship doesn’t work out between two people DOES NOT mean the relationship with the child shouldn’t. I would never take that away. Every child needs a mother and father figure and my son Cade just happens to get some extra love,” Holley wrote on Facebook.

“Be civil and co-parent. If you made the child together it’s both your job to raise the child,” she added.

So far, Love What Matter’s post has been shared more than 40,000 times and received 142,000 likes.

“It’s two people that I guess mean a lot to me. Both of them are the fathers to our children. The fact that they can get along and all four of us could sit in the hospital while I have another child with someone else was just really amazing,” she told “Good Morning America” in an interview last week.

Holley said she and Tyler Mcilveen broke up shortly after their son Cade turned two.

“He’s always been a really good father, but I think emotionally we were in different places,” she told “Good Morning America.”

She is now engaged to Cody Pietz, the father of her 2-month-old son Waylon.

Madison Holley, paragon of co-parenting

LGBT, sex-positive and feminist movements have in recent years expanded the spectrum of relationships and family structures deemed acceptable by modern society.

As outshoots of progressive ideology, each movement has grappled fiercely with traditional and conservative values, which have arguably been eroded in American culture.

Approaches to “co-parenting” and “blended families” have not proven immune to this trend.

Such attitudes were reflected by many of the commenters responding to Holley’s story on Facebook.

“In a perfect world, this would be the situation in everybody’s family,” wrote one woman.

Many people shared their own co-parenting success stories and photos.

Others expressed their wishes for the type of relationship Holley was able to have with her ex.

“I have always wanted to co parent with my ex, but unfortunately he has made it impossible. I love to see and hear people’s successful co parenting stories,” one commenter said.

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But there were some who suggested that even Holley’s stance on modern families wasn’t progressive enough:

“Love this photo but I do take issue with this statement: ‘Every child needs a mother and father figure’ lots of children do just fine with a single parent, or two moms, or two dads,” wrote one such commenter.

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