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Man Remains ‘Happily’ Monogamous While Wife Has Best Sex of Her Life With Younger Lover

Writing in to The Guardian’s “My life in a sex” column, a husband described the unconventional arrangement he has with his wife.

The happy couple have “been very much in love for about seven years,” he said in the piece, which was published Friday.

And that felicity is only amplified by the involvement of his wife’s lover. He described the man as someone “to whom she felt a sexual attraction unlike anything she had experienced before.”

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After the wife reconnected with her lover a year ago, the couple “had a frank discussion about her desire for him, which resulted in her taking him to bed one afternoon for what she described as the best orgasm she had ever experienced.”

Weekly lunchtime sex sessions – at the husband’s apartment in London – soon followed.

“Soon afterwards, my partner and I decided to live together, and her lover began to visit our place once or twice a week,” the husband explained. “The challenge, for me, was to recognise that the chemistry she had with him was no threat to her love for me. I could not ask her to forgo such enjoyment (he is 20 years younger than me, 15 years younger than her, so there is a huge difference in the pleasure she gets from each of us). I recognised that the problem was mine, not hers.”

And while the wife and her lover aren’t shy about expressing their amorous affection in front of the woman’s husband, it does not seem to phase him.

But that feeling isn’t mutual. The man’s wife does not permit him to enjoy a similar arrangement, he said, so he remains “happily monogamous.”

“Through honesty, openness and trust, we have found the formula for a perfect model relationship,” the husband said.

The times are a-changin’

LGBT, sex-positive and feminist movements have in recent years expanded the spectrum of relationships and sexual behavior seen in society.

As outshoots of progressive ideology, each movement has grappled fiercely with traditional and conservative values, which have arguably been eroded in American culture.

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Some on the right have called on their peers to push back against progressivism more vigorously, even questioning whether the classical liberal framework that underpinned conservative ideology for so many years is sufficient to address what they perceive as a cultural crisis.

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