LOPSIDED: Dems Swamp Republicans (115 to 16) on Evening News Budget Stories

It is no surprise that our national debt continues to rise despite the fact that voices calling for fiscal accountability are nearly drowned out in the national media.

In the network evening news show coverage of stories about the infrastructure bill, increasing the debt ceiling and President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better”Spending boondoggle Republican voices were nearly completely silenced 

MRC analysts viewed 30 stories covering the ABC, CBS, and NBC evening shows that cover the most recent budget discussions. From September 23rd to October 10, and discovered a whopping disparity in soundbites with Democrats overwhelming Republicans by a 1-16 count  

Yes. Viewers of these shows were indeed seven times more likelyYou will hear more about hardcore, big-spending Democratic lefties like Senator Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than from Republicans like Rep. Kevin McCarthy or Sen. Mitch McConnell.



While the evening news shows did allow for “moderates” like West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin to speak, it’s important to note they were still calling for more spending, just not as much as President Joe Biden and his big spending allies like Cortez were demanding. 

CBS Evening NewsThe most Democratic soundbites (43)Only eight Republican voices. ABC’s World News Tonight Featured 41Three GOPers are left with Democratic soundbites. NBC Nightly News aired 31Soundbites of Democratic partisans for only 5 Republicans

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