Little 2-Year Old Noah Eyo Wears a Gold Superhero Cape for his Last Chemotherapy Session – Opinion

At this point in time, the little Superhero should have a cape.

The horror of chemotherapy is unimaginable. My sister was a victim of it. My sister didn’t.

Imagine a 2-year-old with little body mass and no understanding of what’s happening, living through this for nearly a whole year. It breaks one’s heart.

Noah Eyo was brave enough to do it. Noah had his last chemotherapy session in November 18th, so he wore a gold cape.


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Noah’s liver cancer was discovered by his parents last February. The boy’s routine physical exam revealed the diagnosis. His age was such that he was even nursing.

About the time Noah’s health emergency was discovered, Nicole and David learned she was pregnant with a second child. Little Noah was left feeling nauseous after undergoing several rounds at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. His mom also experienced morning sickness.

Noah was also treated with chemotherapy. He had 2 surgeries as well as a liver and kidney transplant.

As Noah’s father David said in the video, they received help from unexpected sources. One of those avenues of help was an organization called “Little Wishes,” which helps seriously ill and hospitalized children not lose their identity by granting little joys that help the child get through the dark and difficult days with a catastrophic illness.

Founded in 2003 by a pediatric oncology nurse, the group taps into a child’s passions by helping them identify what makes them happy and allowing them to make a wish. Their wish lists should be short and easy so that the child will have the opportunity to make another one 14 days later. They want the child to have the option of a movie star, an action figure, a musical instrument or their favourite candy. The hospital staff will often grant the wish and deliver it with much fanfare and song, in order to show appreciation and support the patient.

Noah wanted toys and this wand may have been one of those toys.

Many videos featuring Noah fighting cancer during his fight are very moving. There’s Noah running gleefully wearing a superhero’s cape at his final chemotherapy session. There’s more. [sic]Video of him at the last chemotherapy treatment. His mom called it a “victory bell” because with his latest cancer screening showing no signs of the disease, there are no plans for the toddler to return for more treatment.

Nikki gave birth to Noah’s little brother Isaiah in October. Nikki documents both Noah’s journey and her pregnancy on her Instagram page. Next to the cape video, the picture of the couple holding their children and wearing shirts that say, “No Mo Chemo” and “Noah Strong” are pure joy.

Visit this link to support its efforts and little wishes. To support the Eyos and Noah’s continued health, visit this link.


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