Liberals Hail Psaki as ‘One of the Best Press Secretaries Ever’

For Jen Psaki (White House Press Secretary), the liberal-media tributes already started pouring in., parent of PolitiFact, Tom Jones praised her legacy calling her “One of our best press secretaries.” Brian Stelter praised the article for his Reliable Sources newsletter. 

Poynter said that “Psaki restored honor, dignity, and class to White House briefing rooms after Donald Trump press secretaries for four years, who were more interested in criticizing and picking fights than communicating the administration’s policies.” Tom Jones wrote. 

Trump’s representatives were clearly doing the right thing. Psaki did what Biden desired — returning to a pre-Trump normal. 

“Sense of normal” does not refer to Trump’s demise, but rather the restoration of Democrats.

Poynter was immediately picked up by White House Press Shop! 

Stelter did not quote Jones about Kayleigh McEnany. “Psaki was definitely a welcome departure from Kayleigh McEnany who is going down as The most inept press secretary ever. (McEnany’s daily pokes at Democrats and the media now fit right in at Fox News.)”

Jones quotes this quote: “Competence” and “pokes about Democrats and the media” seem to be opposites. Liberals demand a press secretary that treats liberal journalists as the most intelligent people possible. They suggested Trump is responsible for all coronavirus deaths.

Jones also noted Stephanie Grisham wrote in her anti-Trump tell-all book that she never held an official press conference because “I knew that sooner or later the president would want me to tell the public something that was not true or that would make me sound like a lunatic.” This is a strange sentiment since Grisham, made regular appearances on conservative cable-news networks to tout Trump.

Stelter or Jones don’t acknowledge the fact that briefings to a Democrat press secretary are often quite calm, a gathering among friends. On the other side, Republican press secretaries face an endless stream of tough questions. Under Trump, that multiplied into a brazen hostility, an outrage at the notion that Trump hadn’t been removed yet.

Stelter started by noting  

Psaki was responsible for holding 224 briefings in 16 months of his work on behalf of President Biden. The Trump-era total was 205, according to Martha Joynt KumarDirector, White House Transition Project. Kumar logged 58 briefings. Sean SpicerBy 107 Sarah Sanders, zero by Stephanie GrishamThe. and the 40 by Kayleigh McEnany during a four-year period…

He later proclaimed:

Psaki did it again 

Conservatives, some of whom watched Psaki’s briefings on Fox live, criticized Psaki as she avoided answering questions. Liberals praised her for avoiding loaded questions, including those asked by Fox, and for defending Biden’s agenda. While WH reporters were grateful for her accessibility, it wasn’t enough to make up the Biden’s infrequent press conferences or interviews.

“Relative lack?”

Stelter and Co. need to acknowledge that Psaki’s frequent press briefings were a strategy to defuse any protests that they were concealing Biden from interviews and press conferences. Biden is yet to give an interview, as the Republican National Committee frequently tweets. This was more than three months after Biden’s February 10th speech.

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