Are You SURE You Aren’t Transgender? Colorado Schools Think Otherwise

Hey kids! If you aren’t 100 percent comfortable in your body, you may be transgender!

Erin Lee (a Wellington mother from Colorado) sent Erin Lee’s 12-year-old daughter, Erin, to school. Erin attended an after-school club and was very concerned. This art club did not include any drawing, painting, or coloring. In fact, it was an undercover lecture by the Gender and Sexualities Alliance. 

In the class, the instructor from a group called SPLASH told the students, “What you hear in here, keep in here,” which Lee pointed out was the teacher’s “number one rule,” according to a Fox News report.  The teacher also told the students that it’s okay to lie to their parents about attending her lecture and future lectures because “parent’s might not be safe.”

The instructor reportedly told Lee’s daughter that if she isn’t sure who she’s sexually attracted to – yes, at the ripe age of 12 – then “that means you’re queer.” The presenter then handed out bracelets, flags, and stickers to queer children in order for them to show their pride. One bracelet had the words “Sounds gay, I’m in” on it. 

The mother said that the GSA member “told the kids that if they’re not fully comfortable in their body, then they are transgender. So essentially told my daughter if she’s not 100% comfortable in her female body, that she is transgender.” Really?

Lee reached out like any mother would, and was told not to worry and that the lectures were always kept secret. This was very comforting. 

Fox News obtained emails from Parents Defending Education where the GSA speaker asked the teacher to remind Lee’s daughter that the “room is a safe space.” This wacko needs to know that no place where the indoctrination of kids takes place should be considered “safe.” 

Emails also mentioned the Equal Access Act to justify denying parents access to information about what was happening at their schools. Over in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis (R) just passed the Parental Rights in Education bill, which prohibits discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity while allowing parents to sue if schools teach these disgusting topics and/or are not transparent about them. It would be a great benefit to pass this bill in all schools.

Children don’t have to know about sexual orientation. It is not necessary for children to be taught about gender identity. Kids don’t need to spend time thinking about who they’re sexually attracted to. Children don’t have to know which Alphabet Mafia letter they belong to or to keep their secrets from parents or schools. Children are children. Period. 

Lee is a hero for getting her daughter out the disgraceful public school she used to attend. 

Colorado’s public schools are a joke. 

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