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If you were to ask a far-left individual whether they are tolerant or not, you’d no doubt receive a defiant answer asserting that they are. The left seems to be more obsessed than ever with showing how open they are to all things, even though social justice is long gone. One glance at the ever-growing LGBT moniker, including in the inclusion of “two-spirit,” offers plenty of proof of that.

Yet, in the midst of all that tolerance remains a staggering disconnect, and that’s the left’s love for Che Guevara and other communist figures. Today marks the 54th year since his execution by the Bolivian authorities. Celebrations have started to commemorate his life. Here’s one example from a fairly large account.

Walk onto any major university campus and you’ll see t-shirts emblazoned with Guevara’s now-iconic face. Mention his atrocities, though, and you’ll quickly get defensiveness and push-back. When I noted Guevara’s history in response to the above tweet, I was attacked for working at RedState and accused of liking murderous, racist homophobes myself — despite the fact that I was denouncing one. Perhaps it was an attempt to suggest that Republicans could be compared to Guevara. The point is made by the deflection, though it’s not clear. Guevara-loving leftists are far too afraid to confront the truth about Guevara, and so attack those who do.

Yet, they can’t run from the hypocrisy they are practicing. They can’t claim to care about transgender rights, while at the same time praising a man who murdered people for being gay. They can’t trash capitalism as evil, while at the same time idolizing communists who committed horrific crimes against humanity. There’s no way to square that circle.

Those on the extreme-left will still default to their roots. Despite their progressive ideologies and tolerance, they will continue to be averse towards communism. It doesn’t matter that Guevara literally murdered black people simply for existing, something your modern social justice warrior would find highly objectionable. Guevara can be forgiven as he believed in the right ideology. Marxism is the ultimate winner over the right-wing hierarchy between right and wrong. That’s why you get such constant obfuscation from the evils of the Soviet Union, whenever communism vs. capitalism comes up as a topic of discussion.

Here’s the thing. For all the accusations thrown at the right about being “fascists,” those on the right sure do seem to hate authoritarianism, including fascism. The love affair between communism, left and right is strong. There’s something really weird and inconsistent about that. The fact that it’s accepted in mainstream society to have admiration for figures like Guevara and Vladimir Lenin while normal people are canceled for making bad jokes, is also just disturbing. People might need to reassess where their priorities lie.

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