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More than ten months after the Jan. 6 breach (oops, “insurrection”) of the U.S. Capitol, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Trump Derangement Syndrome-driven January 6 Committee continues its “investigation” (show trial) in a never-ending attempt to do as much damage to Donald Trump and Trump supporters as her delusional self can do before Finally riding off into the San Francisco sunset — God knows when.

Trump’s negative reputation. It is really Pelosi’s main goal?

Glenn Greenwald, an investigative journalist thinks so.

Greenwald asserts that Substack was a good idea in arguing for the Realität objective of the radically changed Democrat Party is to exploit the so-called “insurrection” as an excuse to further “trample” on the civil rights of America and its citizens. The Jan. 6 committee, wrote Greenwald, “may be the worst abuse yet.” In the opening paragraph, Greenwald sets the stage —as eloquently and forthright as we’ve come to expect from one of the best investigative journalists on the planet. (Emphasis, mine.)

A population that is in sufficient fear or anger about a topic can be placed in an unnatural state. Perceived threatThere are concerns regarding the legality, constitutionality and morality for all measures. To punish the enemy Most often, these disappear.

Priority one, in fact the sole priority, is to crush the threat. Questions regarding the Legality of actions ostensibly undertaken against the guilty parties are brushed aside as trivial annoyances at best, or, worse, These are regarded as attempts to support and protect the people responsible for the danger.

If a large population feels overwhelmed by fear and rage it is known as “The Fear Syndrome”. It takes little patience to have seemingly inexplicable quirks Legality and ethics. Visceral cravings for punishment and vengeance are easily overwhelmed by rational or cerebral impediments in order to satisfy these primal urges.

Enter Nancy Pelosi and the show trial.

Pelosi’s party and Pelosi could not have gotten a better opportunity with the events of January 6. Here were Trump supporters, waving Trump flags, wearing Trump gear, “angrily” marching on the Capitol of the United States.  The photos and videos could not have been better for exploitation — and NobodyDonald Trump hated in D.C. more than Nancy Pelosi. Perfect foil. Perfect storm. Let the trampling commence.

“The aftermath of the 9/11 attack provided a vivid illustration,” wrote Greenwald. It’s the ideal comparison.

Everything should be done to crush the terrorists who — directly or indirectly were responsible for [the]Traumatic Attack

The few dissidents who tried to question the legality and morality of some proposed answers were quickly dismissed. When possible, ignored or marginalized

They are usually They were accused of being fraudsters for their legal and Constitutional objections.These are mere pretenses for their sympathy, and even Support for terrorists

After the attack, at most, it was at least one year before there were any questions left about the legality, Constitutionality, or Morality of the U.S. Response to 9/11.

Greenwald then pointed to the obvious, which we began to see and hear on CNN and MSNBC — and from Democrat lawmakers — even as the Jan. 6 “riot” was in progress, and we have heard, ever since:

Many Americans consider 1/6 to be the equivalent of 9-11. You don’t need to guess about this. Many people have stated this clearly. Some political and media leaders have stated that the problem with 1/6 is worse than 9/11.

What about the new, hapless president?

Biden’s speechwriters, when preparing his script for his April address to the Joint Session of Congress, noted Greenwald, laughingly called the three-hour riot “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” Democrat hyperbole. Don’t you love it? All the humor and all!

And let’s not forget Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney [rolling-eyes emoji] — nor did Greenwald:

Liberal icon Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), whose father’s legacy was cemented by years of casting 9/11 as the most barbaric attack ever seen, now serves as Vice Chair of the 1/6 Committee; in that role, she proclaimed that the forces behind 1/6 represent “a threat America has never seen before.”

The enabling resolution that created the Select Committee calls 1/6 “one of the darkest days of our democracy.” USA Today’s editor David Mastio published an op-ed whose sole point was a defense of the hysterical thesis from MSNBC analysts that 1/6 is at least as bad as 9/11 if not worse. 

S.V. Date, the White House correspondent for America’s most nakedly partisan “news” outlet, The Huffington Post, wrote a series on Twitter arguing that 1/6 is worse that 9/11 and that the perpetrators are far more dangerous that Osama bin Laden or Al Qaeda.

This exchange with The Washington Examiner’s Byron York illustrates the insanity of Dáte and “journalists” like him.

It’s there. Donald Trump and his “terrorists” were far worse than Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

Greenwald continues, making several more comparisons between the aftermath of 9/11 and Jan. 6 — in the minds of today’s radicalized Democrat Party — before concluding with several examples of the subsequent trampling of civil rights.


Almost immediately after the Capitol riot, some of the most influential Democratic lawmakers — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Homeland Security Committee Chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS), who also now chairs the Select 1/6 Committee — demanded that any participants in the protest Place yourself on the No-Fly List, long regarded as one of the most extreme civil liberties assaults from the first War on Terror.

At least some of those 1/6 protesters were placed on this list by American citizens. You have not been convicted of any crimeYou are not allowed to board commercial planes. It is because of a vague assessment made by security officials that the aircraft are dangerous.

I reported extensively on the horrors and abuses of the no-fly list as part of the first War on Terror and do not recall a single liberal speaking in defense of that tactic. Yet, this very same brutal instrument has been used against Trump supporters. I have not seen a prominent liberal raise objections. The no-fly listing was reinstated for American citizens convicted of no crimes.

Yet, “half” of Americans believe “the big lie” of Jan. 6. Why? Why? You would. 

A 2017 article entitled The Reasons We Believe Other Facts(*( the American Psychological Association argued that “the natural tendency to cherry-pick and twist the facts to fit with our existing beliefs is known as motivated reasoning — and we all do it.” (Operative word being “all.”)“Motivated reasoning is a pervasive tendency of human cognition,” says Peter Ditto, PhD, a social psychologist at the University of California, Irvine, who studies how motivation, emotion and intuition influence judgment.

“People are capable of being thoughtful and rational, but our wishes, hopes, fears and motivations often tip the scales to make us more likely to accept something as true if it supports what we want to believe.”

Incidentally, the above doesn’t apply to

We are hereOf course. Only the Other guys.

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