LA County Public Health Dir. Ferrer Seen at MLB All-Star Game Despite ‘High’ Transmission Announcement Thursday – Opinion

Barbara Ferrer from Los Angeles County Public Health was caught by video on Tuesday at Major League Baseball All-Star Game. This was despite her claiming that Thursday’s high COVID-19 transmission rate means the county will not be transmitted.

Travis Rice, Fox Los Angeles reporter, shared the clip on Twitter. The video shows Ferrer outside, maskless and with her mask hanging on her arm. Vintage Los Angeles Crime posted this clip originally of Ferrer at Dodgers Stadium.

Los Angeles Daily News reported that the mandate will be reintroduced to an indoor mask requirement if there is a drop in transmissions for a further week. This reasoning suggests that the mandate may return to place on July 29,

Ferrer is the subject of criticism over the likely reimposing of a mandate because doctors within the county health department are debating the necessity for one in the first place, RedState’s Jennifer Oliver O’Connell reported. On July 14, doctors from Los Angeles County as well as the University of Southern California stated that the current pandemic situation is less dire than it was in years past, and therefore the need to respond differently.

Oliver O’Connell wrote:

The woman is a straight-up fraud, as a video of an “internal virtual weekly town hall” of Los Angeles County USC Medical Center (LAC+USC) physicians filmed that same day will clearly illustrate.

We would have never had this information, which ostensibly Ferrer has access to (“the numbers”) without the efforts of an unnamed group of Los Angeles-area moms who are fed up and have decided to show just how much of a fraud she is. The video was leaked by the LAC+USC doctors discussing COVID in Los Angeles County and the hospitalizations at LAC+USC. They mocked the notion that there was a COVID crisis in Los Angeles County and suggested that media created all of the hysteria.

Beyond the current situation, RedState’s managing editor Jennifer Van Laar reported Wednesday night that a study touted by the Centers for Disease Control did not disclose an important conflict of interest– one of the co-authors was Ferrer’s daughter, Kaitlin Barnes. It was cited by CDC as the basis scientifically for the specific guidance.

Van Laar wrote this:

The study, published in August 2021, concluded that students who went to school during the winter of 2020-21 tested positive for COVID at a much lower rate than their peers who did not attend LA County schools. These findings were also supported by the LA County protocol.

A rash of stories (LA Times, WebMD, The Guardian, CNN, US News & World Report) published around the time this study was released follow the same pattern: they lead with the story of a teacher who allegedly infected 26 people by reading to her students without wearing a mask, taking care to emphasize that the teacher was one of only two unvaccinated teachers in the school. These stories change, and then the story shifts: But, hey! LA County’s new study shows mandatory masking works in schools! Rochelle Walensky, the Director of CDC was even quoted in a briefing.

Whether it’s Gov. Gavin Newsom at the French Laundry. San Francisco Mayor London Breed maskless at a football match. Ferrer at The All-Star Game. California politicians are hypocrites. An easy explanation for Ferrer’s maskless attendance is that it was outdoors, but that’s a moot point when one considers the packed crowds and her own supposed concern about the spread of the disease.

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