Trump Slams Electoral Count Act Rewrite, Admits ‘All Others’ Thought Pence ‘Had Absolutely No Right to Do Anything’ Else – Opinion

Once Donald Trump believes something, it’s virtually impossible for anyone to change his mind. A perfect example was and remains his insistence that “[b]illions of dollars are being paid to the United States by China in the form of trade tariffs!” which is categorically incorrect; importersNot applicable to pay tariffs exporters.

I’ll forego the “rigged” and “stolen” election as an example, given it’s been beaten to death a zillion times.

However, a related example was Trump’s continued insistence that Vice President Mike Pence, on January 6, 2021, had the authority to “send it back to the states,” meaning to reject 2020 presidential election results from certain states if he (Pence) thought they were illegitimate, and give Republicans in those states an opportunity to declare Trump the victor despite the actual vote count.

It’s not just about the “look”. no mechanism exist by which Pence could have unilaterally attempted to “send it back to the states,” as Trump consistently pressured him to do; the Electoral Count Act of 1887 and the Twelfth Amendment would have rendered such an attempt unconstitutional.

This was back then.

As reported by Just the News, Trump on Thursday blasted the Senate for planning to rewrite the Electoral Count Act to further restrict a state’s electors and to clarify the law’s language to clearly stateThe vice president is not authorized to alter the results of the election. Note: clarify,It is not add.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump inadvertently admitted that “almost all others” believed Pence did not have the constitutional authority to do anything other than preside over the Senate’s certification of EC votes.

So the Democrats, RINOS, and almost ALL others said that Mike Pence, or any V.P., had absolutely no right to do anything but send the ‘Votes’ to the Old Broken Crow, Mitch McConnell, even if they were fraudulent, corrupt, or highly irregular. V.P. was merely a ‘human conveyer belt’ and could do nothing. BUT NOW, the DEMS & RINOS are working to pass a Bill that stops the V.P. He was forbidden to do what they said he could not. It was all a ‘Big Lie.’ Should have sent back to States!

Incorrect. It is incorrect. Clarify the language In the Existing Act in an attempt to avoid “confusion” in future elections; not to “pass a bill that Stops the V.P.” from anything. 

As noted by JTN, Trump and several key supporters have been accused of trying to set up “alternate electors” to vote for him, and later, trying to get Pence to refuse to “accept” Electoral votes after they were counted and certified by Congress.

They did. Dunno. Dunno.

Let’s get to the bottom of it:

Another attempt to reform the Electoral Count Act. Clarify the role of the vice president, not change it, and to make clear that he or she has only a “ministerial” role and cannot change an election outcome.

The Electoral Count Act was understood by constitutional experts in 2021. They now understand the Act. Perhaps more people will soon understand it, as well, although I’m inclined to believe others still won’t give a damn about the Act — based solely on predisposed political disposition.

The old saying goes, “We are allowed to have our opinions but not our facts.”

Anyway, fasten your seatbelts, sports fans—it’s going to be an interesting ride.

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