After Getting COVID, NBC Highlights ‘Growing Focus’ on Biden’s Age

This Thursday night’s NBC Nightly News, during a segment on President Joe Biden testing positive for COVID, White House correspondent Peter Alexander mentioned a poll conducted by NBC News that shows many Americans give Biden “low marks” for having the necessary mental and physical health to be President. 

Although all networks reported on Biden getting COVID positive, NBC Nightly News wasn’t the only newscast that highlighted how Biden’s age and COVID diagnosis has made him a liability. 

The White House took significant measures to prevent President Biden from contracting COVID. This included requiring that all people who were scheduled to meet him with them have a negative screening. Today’s diagnosis of President Biden, 79 years old, comes amid growing attention on his health and age,” Alexander said during his segment for his network on Biden’s illness. 



An NBC News poll earlier in the year showed that only 33 percent of Americans gave him high marks because he has the mental and physical ability to lead. 50 percent of Americans give him low marks” Alexander noted. 

ABC News World News TonightDavid Muir, anchor, reported on how Doctor Kevin O’Connor (the President’s doctor) issued a quick memo declaring that the President was “fully vaccinated, double-boosted”, and being administered the antiviral drug paxlovid. This morning, he began to take it.

Muir said that the President was 79. Today, Dr. Jha, the COVID Response Coordinator offered reassuring words from the White House. Mentioning that the President suffers from mild symptoms such as runny nose and dry cough, while repeatedly reminding him that he has received his vaccine shots and boosters and is currently on the antiviral.

In the interim, here CBS Evening News, anchor Norah O’Donnell appeared concerned at one point in her broadcast by asking CBS’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon Lapook “how much of a concern” is it that Biden is 79 years old and has COVID.

Lapook stated that while there was concern that Lapook had, “he should have substantial protection against serious illness due to the fact that his double-boosted.” We’re now seeing mild cold symptoms. On top of this, he is receiving Paxlovid to help reduce the virus level in his body. 

Chewy and Angi made the network news coverage about Biden’s COVID diagnosis possible on ABC. They are linked. 

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NBC Nightly News
July 21, 2022
Eastern, 7:04:13 

PETER ALXANDER: President Obama has been taking significant steps to ensure that he does not contract COVID. The White House even required a positive test to be administered to anyone who was scheduled to meet with him. Today’s diagnosis of President Biden, who is 79 years old, comes amid growing attention to his health and age. 

An NBC News poll revealed earlier this year that just 33% of Americans think he is capable of maintaining his mental and bodily health in order to become President. He is given low marks by 50 percent. The White House attempted to downplay the concern about the President’s health, even though he is older. 

DOCTOR ASHISH JHA : Given his immunity to vaccines and the fact that he started treatment right away, I believe his — all those things dramatically lower his chance of getting serious illness. That’s what we are trying to do. 

ABC’s World News Tonight
July 21, 2022
Eastern at 6:32 p.m. 

DAVID MUIR : Let’s start by President Biden getting positive for COVID. Following routine testing today, it was discovered that he has COVID. A short while later, the president’s doctor, Dr Kevin O’Connor, issued a memo declaring that the President had been “Fully vaccinated” and was being given the antiviral Paxlovid. This morning, he began to take it. 

The President is now 79. The White House has Dr. Jha as the COVID Response Coordinator, offering some reassuring words. The President is complaining of mild symptoms, such as dry and runny nasal, and cough. Dr. Jha, the COVID response coordinator, offered reassuring words, repeatedly reminding that he had received his vaccine shots and two boosters and is currently on the antiviral.

CBS Evening News 
July 21, 2022
Eastern, 6:35:15 

NORAH O’DONNELL: Well, let’s turn to CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon Lapook for more on the President’s diagnosis. Jon, it seems that President Trump has mild symptoms. However, Jon is only 79. What is the concern? 

DOCTOR JON LAPOK: While there are concerns, the fact that Jon has been double boosted should provide significant protection against severe illness. This is what we are seeing, with his mild symptoms of colds and Paxlovid that should help lower his virus levels. This is a stark contrast to what Norah experienced two years ago. It is amazing how much the two-year difference makes with antivirals and vaccines.

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