Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin Are Sitting Pretty Despite Being Targeted by Democrats – Opinion

It seems that Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) are doing just fine despite efforts from their party to punish them for not toeing the line on ending the filibuster and passing the Democrats’ voting rights legislation. Both legislators are making huge fundraising contributions, despite the fact that the party and their friends and associates in activist media are trying to find ways to primary them.

Politico reported that Sinema had seen her highest fundraising quarter since last years. According to the author, her number of grassroots supporters has decreased but she still managed to raise nearly $1.6 million in the three most recent months. About two percent of her contributions – roughly $34,000 – came from small-dollar donors, individuals who make donations that amount to $200 or less.

Sinema was criticized by the left because she opposed parts of the agenda. This included changing filibuster rules and using reconciliation to raise minimum wage.

Sen. Manchin, who is up for re-election in 2024, is also flying high with a fantastic fundraising effort in 2021’s last quarter. CNBC reported:

Sen. Joe Manchin’s campaign raised nearly $300,000 from corporations and executives in the days after he publicly opposed President Biden’s spending, climate and social safety net package.

The report also noted that the senator’s campaign “raise[d] just more than $1.5 million in the fourth quarter, ending the period with over $6 million on hand” and that Manchin “has never raised that much money over the October-December quarter.”

The increase in donations occurred after he appeared on Fox News in December and announced he would not support President Joe Biden’s Build Back Bater Act. Sinema like Manchin, Manchin is a problem for Democrats. They hold half of all Senate seats. The Democrats’ more radical legislative ideas have been blocked by them.

Progressives and even moderate Democrats have been plotting primary challenges against the two senators, hoping to replace them with people who are more amenable to following the party’s lead than representing their constituents. This is the issue for Democrats: Sinema and Manchin are representing the voters they were elected to represent.

None of the senators represents a blue-state. Their votes would not be in the best interests of their constituents. They should instead support far-left policies. If these fundraising numbers are any indication, neither lawmaker is going to have a serious problem during 2024’s primary season. But this won’t stop the far left from trying.

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