CensorTrack with TR: When Big Tech Censors Them, You’re Censored, Too

It’s Episode Twenty-Three of MRC’s newest video series, With TR, CensorTrack This week we talked about how when Big Tech censors the speech of prominent figures, they’re censoring you, too.

Big Tech is controlled and guided by the Left, which creates a bias in deciding what information can be kept online. Big Tech is determined to suppress any content that promotes free speech or right-leaning views on social media. Prominent figures such as conservatives and libertarians like the nationally syndicated radio host Dan Bongino, podcast host Joe Rogan Fox News host Tucker CarlsonCommentator on politics Matt WalshComedian Steven CrowderThey are also the primary targets of censorship. 

Fox News’ Dan Bongino, a Fox News host, has been under fire for supporting free speech. YouTube had suspended Bongino’s account a few weeks back. Now, it has removed him permanently. Google has also censored ads for Bongino’s website, and Twitter suppressed search results for Bongino’s accountYou can find it on the platform.

Cancel vultures have highlighted Rogan. His podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” regularly features interviews with people across a wide range of opinions and ideologies. Spotify currently exclusively hosts Rogan’s podcast on its platform, but several low-list musicians and biased news “reporters” have called for Spotify to remove Rogan’s content. Spotify hasn’t. 

Some right-leaning commentators were censored in social media by companies like Crowder, Walsh, Crowder, and Carlson. Before Trump received his permanent bans, platforms censored him 625 more times. 

It boils down to this: If Big Tech blocks the voices of people who challenge leftist ideologies or proclaim freedom speech, it impacts their audience. It is harder for users to hear the voice of leading figures and have an opportunity to speak out for them. 

Below is the video of Episode Twenty-Three. With TR, CensorTrack! It is encouraged that you share this information on every social network. If you have been censored, contact us at www.CensorTrack.org, and use #FreeSpeech to point out more of Big Tech’s unacceptable bias. 

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