Kamala Harris Manages to Spin a Word Salad That Even Biden Would Envy – Opinion

Kamala Harris is well-known for being able to speak in circles and still be a public speaker. This tendency might have been dismissed at first as Kamala Harris having a bad day. However, she has made her abject stupidity a constant part of her tenure with the Biden government.

In just the last few months, we’ve seen her go to Europe to announce that Vladimir Putin had decided to invade Ukraine, before then asserting just seconds later that the administration’s sanctions regime would deter the Russian leader from invading Ukraine. We’ve seen her brain break when asked about Pell Grants, as she struggled to dance around an issue she knew nothing about. For anyone who needs more, click here, here and here.

One of the vice president’s hallmarks in all these instances is the repetition of words. It’s as if Harris is a high school student giving a book report she didn’t study for and is trying to fill space. This happened again Friday when the White House hosted an ASEAN summit. And while the transcript is bad enough, take a minute and actually watch the video until the end because it’s so much worse.

In a 22-second span, Harris used the word “work” five different times to describe nations working together, never advancing her thought, even moving to synonyms like “galvanize” to again say the same thing she’d already said multiple times. Listening to Harris is like engaging in self-torture. Never before have so many words produced so little substance. It’s enough to make Joe Biden, perhaps the most senile man to ever serve in the presidency, green with envy at Harris’ ability to say everything and absolutely nothing at the same time.

What makes this vice president possible? It’s truly astonishing that someone so unimpressive and so incapable managed to make it this far. Was it just that the Californians who elected her as Attorney General didn’t notice? Or is this a new thing that’s only cropped up in her latest instance of failing up?

But I know that Harris is not likable. Harris’s inauthenticity is evident every time she speaks. This latest instance was also a result of Harris hiring a speechwriter. Harris sound exactly the same as before which is a sign of what’s wrong. It is hard for me to believe that her staff are writing these words salads. Instead, she seems to throw them at me on the spot.

As to why there never seems to be any correction, Harris has always struck me as the type of person who can’t take criticism. I’d guess her staffers are terrified to tell her how ridiculous she sounds. And why wouldn’t they be? There has been a lot of staff turnover at the vice president. There’s obviously a reason for that, and it starts at the top.

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