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Joy Behar Celebrates News Infamous White Nationalist Richard Spencer Has Turned on Trump

Joy Behar celebrated the news that white nationalist Richard Spencer had disavowed President Donald Trump

Behar, a vehement critic of the president, introduced the “good news” Wednesday morning on “The View,” as the panel discussed rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran.

“This is a tiny thing that I noticed,” Behar told her co-hosts. “Do you remember Richard Spencer? He’s basically the organizer of Unite the Right, the white-nationalist group that was marching in Charlottesville and was all-in for Trump. Not anymore!”

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Spencer, who is staunchly opposed to U.S. intervention in the Middle East, tweeted on Tuesday that he deeply regretted “voting for and promoting Donald Trump in 2016.”

“Wow!” Behar said, after reading the tweet by Spencer.

Behar appeared to be citing Spencer’s tweet to show that Trump’s recent actions toward Iran were proving unpopular with his purported supporters.

“It’s like I said yesterday, Trump ran on not invading and being a warmonger. These people, they’re the ones who are going to go,” Behar said.

“This was a huge part of his platform when he ran,” said Behar’s fellow host, Abby Huntsman. “This is why I ask his base — you can’t believe everything someone says just because you like that person.”

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In July, CNN faced widespread criticism for inviting Spencer to appear on the network and comment on Trump’s tweets about the “Squad,” a group of four freshman congresswoman who have often clashed with the president.

“This isn’t a news network with journalistic ethics. It’s a circus that’s willing to help promote open racists for attention,” Vox journalist Carlos Maza tweeted at the time.

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