‘Journalist’ Claims to Have ‘Severe PTSD,’ Breaks Down in Eye-Watering Viral Interview – Opinion

Normally, I try not to write articles that make people feel dumber by the time they get to the end, but there’s just not much I can do here to shield readers on this one. You’ve been warned.

Taylor Lorenz, the noted TikTok journalist who now works for The Washington Post (because failing up is a tradition in the news industry), recently did an interview with MSNBC that’s gone viral not because of anything profound, but because of just how self-serving and ridiculous it was. According to Lorenz, whose entire job has centered on stalking teenagers and trying to destroy the lives of normal Americans, she has “severe PTSD” from her profession.

Here’s the thing. This clip could be viewed as an alien video and you might feel sympathy. There’s very little context provided there as to who Lorenz is and what she’s perpetrated against other people. However, once you understand the context it becomes clear how offensive Lorenz’s claims really are.

For example, Lorenz tried to destroy a YouTuber’s career because he said “Windows is gay.” She attempted to interject herself into Ted Cruz’s family life by publicizing his 13-year-old daughter’s political views. Lorenz was also part the mob who pursued a teenage girl. wearingProm dress with a Chinese theme. Recently, she was a part of the dogpile that included a college journalist who suggested in The New York Times there is an anti-free speech culture at campuses.

Lorenz has been exactly traumatized. The difference is that any “harassment” towards her has come in response to her abhorrent behavior towards others. At one point in the interview, Lorenz laments the fact that “anything that gets out on you will be used by the worst people on the internet to destroy your life.” Yet, that’s…exactly what she does. It’s just astonishing to watch.

It’s not an absurdity. It’s not some badge a supposed journalist gets to don because they got their feelings hurt on the internet. Trauma is real, and people who experience it don’t get it from mean tweets. In an apparent attempt to get publicity, Lorenz is trying to make mental illness look like normal. It’s disgusting.

Also, it is strange that an unadmitted 43-year-old woman appears on a segment about women below 35. It seems strange, doesn’t it?

You can call out harassment online at times that are legal. There are legitimate times to report online harassment. This is not one. Lorenz, an attention-seeking shark, has worked her whole career trying to bring down weak people through misleading insinuations and other unfair tactics. Journalists desire to be treated differently than normal Americans. It is up to the rest of us to make sure they don’t get to have that double standard.

You can’t blast a random teenager for wearing a dress and then cry about online bullying. Lorenz is not an innocent victim. To see her continue to play the role of a victim is quite sad.

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