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After his emails dating back to a decade were released by an NFL employee, Jon Gruden, the Super Bowl winning coach was officially fired. They contained offensive language directed at Roger Goodell and Michael Sam. Gruden was immediately fired by the Raiders, even though the emails weren’t recent or private. Gruden had been on a 10-year-old contract for four years.

After the event, NFL claimed that out of the 650,000 emails they went through, only Gruden’s contained anything problematic. That’s a completely unbelievable contention and leaves the open question being why only Gruden’s emails went public.

This is the best part! Daily CallerYou might be able to help.

According to emails sent from 2010-2018 reviewed by The New York Times, Gruden referred to Biden in 2012 when he was vice president as a “nervous clueless pu**y” during an email exchange with former Washington executive Bruce Allen.

I’m speculating, but you have to wonder if Gruden wouldn’t have been given a little more mercy, had he not presented himself as a Joe Biden-hating rightwinger. The former Raiders coach seemed like the right candidate to have his contract canceled due to the private comments he made. If he were a hardcore Democrat, perhaps he’d have just been sent to rehab or been given a chance to apologize and move on? There’s certainly precedent to that effect, given Joy Reid is still on MSNBC’s airwaves.

To be sure, the stuff Gruden said was insensitive, but there’s something that just doesn’t feel right about nixing a guy’s career, including removing him from the ring of honor in Tampa Bay, for using bad words, objectionable as they may be, in a private email. OJ Simpson is still honored in Buffalo, and a convicted woman-beater remains the Kansas City Chiefs’ star WR. Do you find any of these things consistent?

So yeah, I can’t say for sure, but it certainly seems possible that Gruden might still have a job had his emails contained slams on Donald Trump — instead of Joe Biden.

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