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Harvard economics professor and former Obama official Jason Furman set off alarms across America last week by declaring that inflation and the Biden Supply Chain™, and the many hardships the Biden Economy™ continues to visit on everyday Americans is nothing to worry about — much ado about nothing, as it were — and it is only creating problems for the “high-class” among us.

Yep, simply “high-class problems,” gang — move along. You won’t find much here.

Listen, it’s not like the Democrat Party hasn’t been tone-deaf to the problems of everyday Americans for six decades, but this fundamentally boneheaded observation is beyond the pale. No less than an Harvard professor of economics. Oh — wait — never mind.

“Most of the economic problems we’re facing (inflation, supply chains, etc.) High class issues are the root cause of most economic problems we face (inflation, supply chains etc.). We wouldn’t have had them if the unemployment rate was still 10 percent. We would instead have had a much worse problem..”


The SecondWhat was the stupidest thing Furman did last Week? He appeared on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” and attempted to explain his ridiculous observations to host Bill Hemmer. How did he do it? ThisThe Blaze reported that you should go. The ever-polite Hemmer took it straight to Furman from the start — albeit nicely:

“Jason, you started a prairie fire yesterday. To paraphrase Jay Leno, what the hell were you thinking?”

Furman of course attempted to defend his comments, as transcribed by The Blaze, foolishly alleging that rising inflation is somehow a “good thing.”

“You need to keep two things in your head at once. Inflation is real, one is the other. [No crap?]Family inflation is a serious problem. We need to address it.

“Number two, the reason we have this inflation is actually a good reason: that the unemployment rate has come down, that families got money, and people are buying more things than ever before.”

Wait — wut? So inflation is creating a problem for families but that’s actually a good thing because people are buying more things than ever before. You don’t need to pay attention to what is happening behind closed doors.

What about the supply chain? The former Obama official was a master of Harvard information.

“The problem isn’t that our ports stopped working [I’m aware; tell Biden], it’s that people are buying so much stuff, that so much is trying to come through our ports right now. We have record volumes, you know, that both has a good side, a bad side, you need to keep both those in your head.”

It’s mostly just a bunch of rubbish.

Without a sufficient number of truckers to pick up that ever-increasing amount of “stuff,” Scooter, it isn’t going anywhere — regardless of how much “stuff” Americans continue to buy. Hell, even Circle-Back Psaki was forced to admit last week that the Biden administration can’t predict a Ho-Ho-Ho Christmas for America, remember? This is for everyday Americans.

Jason, what do you think? Why do I think Christmas is going to be merry as hell for your elitist “high-class” friends?

I could use the rest of this article to point out the many obvious problems and blatant contradictions with Furman’s out-of-touch observations, beginning first with Why behind Furman’s assertion that the unemployment rate has come down, but I’d rather not write 2,000 words, here.

Did I also mention Furman is also an actor and stand-up comedian?

“Most presidents get one big fiscal thing done. President Biden is on track to getting three done, an enormous rescue plan, an infrastructure bill, and this reconciliation bill which focuses on climate change and child care.”

[ROFL emoji]

Finally, as we reported on Wednesday of last week, Biden stooge — Chief of Staff — Ron Klain ignorantly jumped all over Furman’s ridiculous comment like a desperately starved blind squirrel jumping on an acorn.

Nice job, Ron — say “hey” to Joe, from everyday America.


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