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According to someone called Jared Bernstein, who serves on the President’s council of economic advisors, there are 20,000 gas stations in the United States where the price of gas is below $4 a gallon.

It is possible that this was what Pete was talking about yesterday.

Jared Bernstein, appearing on Fox News Sunday this past Sunday, told Shannon Bream that $4 gas is still too high, but they’re working on it. But wait, Jared must not have seen Joe Biden’s schedule for Wednesday of this week. Joe was going to deliver a speech. It was about an emergency.

I guess the Administration’s left hand doesn’t know what the far-left hand is doing.

So, does “working on it” mean the Biden Administration has given up on the Green New Deal? Because for the Green New Deal to come to fruition, gas prices in America won’t fall below $4 a gallon ever again.

GND has the sole purpose of causing gas prices and the economy to spiral like Icarus. The Sun is shining, Green New Deal or no. Evidently, even July.

When Biden talks about a Climate Change “emergency,” as he did on Wednesday, besides talking about his cancer he is talking about self-imposed energy scarcity and economic austerity.

No matter the color, this is a terrible deal.

It will also lead to rising energy prices due to declining domestic energy supplies. And unlike Icarus, this ain’t Greek Mythology, it is the law of supply and demand. And this law doesn’t care about our feelings. Just like Mother Nature, you know.

It is impossible to ignore the law of supply-demand. It can’t be bargained with; it can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, remorse, or fear.

I’m sorry. It was something I wanted to do in a column. But this line works, because it’s true.

The American people have experienced the ruthlessly brutal efficiency of market forces when politicians stick their paws where they don’t belong.

Joe and Pete’s excellent adventure where they drag the country kicking and screaming into accepting a Green New Deal, gas prices, from East LA to East St. Louis, will exceed $10 a gallon.

Blaming Putin, the gas station owners or greedy executives of oil companies will not be part their talk.

It will be a shift in the narrative away from blame and towards shaming. Blame will be replaced by the shame game.

In the Liberal World Order, the shame game will become a fundamental component of the Climate Cultist’s strategy.  And the Media will be as usefully idiotic in their obedience to their schemes as they were with the nonsensical “pandemic of the unvaccinated” hoax.

In Joe and Pete’s future green economy, well, in Pete’s future green economy, paying $10 for gas won’t earn you sympathy or pity from our betters.

Rather, you’ll be pilloried for not driving an electric car, taking the bus, riding your bike, or zooming through your workday from a solar-powered, residentially re-zoned mixed-use home office, approved for social distancing.

Oh, the times they are a changing…

It seems that they are not moving fast enough.  As we can see from Pete’s tweet and surmise from Jared’s comments on Sunday, they’re not quite mentally prepared for the times to, er, change.

The bottom line is if $5 gas in Denver, Chicago, or Topeka spooks them, as it clearly does, (See Pete’s tweet), they’ll never withstand the political headwinds that $8, and $9+ gas will do to their political house of straw once the Green New Deal is implemented and working families start seeing red!

And speaking of working families, if you think Democrats are having trouble with Hispanic voters now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. By the way: When you mix green with red you get brown.

And in American politics, as the Democrats will come to learn all too well in November, Brown votes matter.



Joe Armendariz, Armendariz Partners’ Director of Government Affairs is Joe Armendariz. A former Carpinteria City Council member, he is also the ex-Executive Director of Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association and Santa Barbara Technology and Industry Association. He serves as Chairman of California Center for Public Policy. You can reach him at 805.990-2494

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