Kamala Is ‘Measuring the Oval Office Drapes’ – Opinion

Kamala Harris rose to the Vice-Presidency with no discernible skills — at least not the type that should land a person a single heartbeat away from the Oval Office. Harris’ rise in politics is reportedly due to California’s heavy-hitter Willie Brown. Brown admitted that she had an affair Harris and it coincided with Harris’s downfall. Kamala believed she was capable of being president. She didn’t, of course. It was not possible. Kamala received exactly zero delegates, and she was napalmed during the debates by Tulsi Gabbard.

She was chosen as the VP due to her skill set: being a POC and woman. Her public speaking skills quickly surpassed those of the insane man at the Oval Office.

Joey More-Lies admitted that he has a slight stutter and some symptoms of oil cloud cancer. Those ailments are in addition to Joe’s obvious cognitive disabilities. Harris is excited to have a chance. With Joe walled up in the White House’s residence sipping green tea, eating pudding, and watching his poll numbers tumble, Harris is downstairs in the Oval Office, measuring the drapes.

God, Help us.

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