Women’s March: ‘Abortion Is Safer Than Giving Birth’

They just marched into the land where makebelieve was all around them.

The Women’s March Twitter page literally just tweeted that “abortion is safer than giving birth.” And no, they weren’t being sarcastic. 

This is the furthest thing from true that I’ve read in a while.

At least one person will die during an abortion. This is not safe. 

The abortion of infants results in 100 percent infant death. Many women also suffer from the effects of an abortion. According to the CDC, 5.4 infants die per 1,000 live births. Although 5.4 infants die per 1,000 live births is still too high, this is still better than aborting every one of them. Not only is 5.4 accidental death; abortion is the intentional murder of an unborn baby. You can tell which is safer.

It’s ironic that Women’s March is literally feeding into a mindset that pregnancy is oppression, when the group claims to build “power” for women. 

The Women’s March and left at large just want to garner as much support for infanticide as they can. Rather than teaching how empowering and bad ass it is to literally birth a child, the leftist media prefers to tell people that they can’t follow their dreams, they can’t live their lives, they can’t be successful without abortion. These are lies, how many times must we say this??

Abortion is a way to end life. There is no way to be sure that an intentional act of killing a human life will end. Ever. 

It is important to keep it in your mind. 

Women’s March needs to get it’s facts straight. Simply put. 

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