Joe Biden’s Tells an Egregious Lie About the Border at His ‘Town Hall’ That Shows Us Something – Opinion

Last night, Joe Biden, who hasn’t given a real interview in months, went back on CNN for another “town hall.” What transpired was actually just an in-kind contribution to Biden’s presidency.

In total, there were seven questions from Democrats and only two from supposed “Republicans,” one of which seemed upset that Biden had reverted to some Trump-era immigration policies. It’s not surprising, given that GOP voters love to keep the borders open for illegal crossings.

RedState has reported that Biden slandered freedom with regard to COVID mandates, as well as a host of other infuriating remarks. Then, there was his worst lie of the evening. The president said this when asked about his visit to the border. I believe it says something.

Let’s deal with the merits of what he’s saying first. Has Biden been swamped with other duties to the point where he simply hasn’t had time to make a day trip to the border? No, it is not. Not only did Biden take two extended vacations over the last several months, but he’s also made individual 25 trips back to his home in Delaware since taking office. That’s nearly every weekend since he’s been inaugurated.

Further, the time he’s spent traveling the country to tour damage from weather events can be counted on one hand. This excuse adds to the lies. Even his mention of traveling the world doesn’t pass muster. Does he mean the G7 or is he referring to them? Because that’s about it as far as his international travels go and that amounted to a week.

Also, and perhaps most importantly, Biden has not, in fact, “been there before.” He has never visited the Southern border in all his time as a politician.

Biden is an untrue liar and lies. That’s not breaking news no matter how much the “fact-checkers” try to cover for him by absconding from doing their jobs. Still, I think the president’s answer tells us that the White House is aware of the perception that Biden is a lazy do-nothing who spends more time at his family home doing whatever it is he does there than at his desk in the Oval Office. As he answers the question, you can sense the defenselessness seeping from every pore.

That’s a perception that isn’t going to be successfully countered, though. Biden, in fact, is a lazy do-nothing and rarely appears to be fulfilling his duties. Biden would have done more if his physical and mental abilities allowed. He doesn’t, and that’s patently obvious by how sheltered he is by his handlers. Their goal is to keep him safe and minimize the harm while still proving his existence. Last night was a good indicator that this is becoming a more difficult line to cross.

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