Picky ‘Bikini Model’ With 2 Kids Can’t Figure Out Why She’s Single – Men Brutally Explain It to Her

“Tatts are normally quite deep and artistic.”

An alleged bikini model with two young children struggled to understand why she’s still single during an appearance Monday on ITV’s “This Morning.”

Jenna Thompson complained to hosts of the popular British talk show that she must be so beautiful that she scares off “nice guys.”

“I think I intimidate guys. Nice guys,” Thompson said. “I seem to attract guys who are only after one thing. People who think they’ll have a go and just want hook ups. No one is looking for anyone that serious.”

Thompson, who did not give her age, also blamed spending the past two years alone on blind dates and dating apps, which she said have the effect of making people superficial.

“It’s impossible. It’s really shallow,” she said. “People get a kick out of how many swipes they get which narrows down any nice people.”


When cohost Phillip Schofield suggested Thompson change her image to be less intimidating, she balked.

“You’re not going to be authentic to the person you’re dating,” Thompson said. “Why change the way I look just to fit into a category for the sort of person I’m looking for? Maybe I haven’t met that type of person yet.”

But Thompson also admitted having very specific expectations about the looks of men she dates.

“I am quite picky but I have a definite type in looks but that tends to come with a certain territory,” she said. “I like heavily tattooed guys who look after themselves.”

She quickly clarified that the tattoos are just a proxy for a personality type, which is what she really cares about.

“I just need someone who is able to connect with me on a deeper level. I don’t like small talk. Tatts are normally quite deep and artistic.”

Men, and some women, on Twitter were brutal in their evaluations of Thompson’s situation, saying she was clearly the problem.

A number of people sought to correct her self-perception, and adjust her standards accordingly.

Others called her self-involved.

However, at least one person deemed Thompson’s performance a success. A woman who said she was her botox provider said Thompson looked “SMOKING HOT.”

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