Tweet About Girl Who Swears Off Having Kids So As to Not Create More White People Goes Viral

“That’s the whitest thing I’ve ever heard.”

A college student’s tweet describing the extreme woke-ness of a white classmate, who allegedly swore off having children because she “doesn’t want to create any more white people,” went viral Friday.

“can’t stop thinking about how yesterday a white girl in my class said that she’s planning on never having kids because she doesn’t want to create any more white people,” wrote Twitter user dev.

The Asian-American college student’s tweet inspired a flurry of reactions, garnering an impressive 137,000 likes and more than 23,000 retweets. Commenters weighed in with a plethora of woke takes, variously expressing their disdain, admiration and amusement.

Some responded with humor. “thank her for her service,” wrote one Twitter user. “That’s the whitest thing I’ve ever heard,” wrote another.

Some expounded on critical race theory. “The issue has never been the # of white people lol,” tweeted one commenter. “Which is to say, white supremacy doesn’t need a white people to be a majority or plurality to function.”

Others responded with dismay. “The product of the public school system everyone! Sheer ignorance,” wrote one critical commenter.

A perhaps surprising number of users approved of the girl’s radical stance, calling her an “ally” or saying she was doing the “Lord’s work.”

The original poster addressed the wave of reactions his initial tweet had inspired with a followup. “once this hits 100k likes is buzzfeed gonna automatically generate an article that’s like Asian-American College Student Exposes White Classmate, Spurring Debate on Reproductive Rights and American Racial Demographics,” dev wrote.

Critics of progressivism argue that its adherents’ identity politics-mindset is negatively affecting conversations about race. Many conservatives are frustrated with what they view as progressives’ fixation on microaggressions and an intolerance for views that diverge from politically correct orthodoxy. In addition, some argue that an insistence on viewing every facet of culture through an identity politics lens can at-times result in downright absurd ideological positions.

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