New MNBC Host Bragged About ‘Exuding Sex’ to Seduce ‘Attractive Young’ Female Coworkers

“I am at my best when women are there to energize and excite me.”

Excerpts from a 2005 book by Donny Deutsch, in which he describes fantasizing about female coworkers and exuding “sex” at the workplace, resurfaced in the wake of news the frequent MSNBC guest would be getting his own show on the network.

Deutsch’s new show, “Saturday Night Politics,” premiered Saturday evening.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, Deutsch’s 2005 book, “Often Wrong, Never in Doubt,” chronicled the former advertising executive’s unapologetically sexual approach to business.

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“Part of my job in all business relationships is some sort of seduction,” Deutsch, who has described himself as a feminist, wrote in a chapter titled, “It All Comes Back to Babes.”

“If it’s with a guy, we might talk football; if an attractive young woman is involved, I might exude sex. I’ll work it. You use what you have. I’m in shape, I’m decent enough looking, and for a CEO of a large company I’m more dynamic than most,” he wrote.

In a chapter titled, “Women Are Muses,” Deutsch wrote: “I don’t think there’s been a day in my business career when there hasn’t been some woman at work that I fantasized about.”

Deutsch, describing how visitors to his office often remarked on the physical attractiveness of his male and female employees, made an intimate revelation. “Now obviously we hire supremely competent and talented people, but the idea of some woman that I’m excited to see or flirt with or even just think about stimulates me in business,” he wrote.

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“I cannot remember a time in my career when I was not having either a flirtation with a woman in the office, or a friendship, a fantasy, or all of the above. I am at my best when women are there to energize and excite me,” Deutsch added.

MSNBC’s status as the most liberal of the major cable news network might make Deutsch’s hiring a surprise in the wake of the progressive-led #MeToo movement. In a blistering 2013 essay, National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke wrote that anyone who watches the network is treated to “a supermajority of well-meaning multi-culti, progressive types whose foolproof plans for explosive economic growth, uniform social justice, and general human utopia are constantly being undone by a blossoming white-supremacist movement, split apart by neo-secessionists, and existentially threatened by traitors whose defining characteristic is a never-quite-explained hatred for progress.”

Many of MSNBC’s top hosts have criticized President Donald Trump’s behavior toward women. Joy Reid responded to sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, which sparked the #MeToo movement’s push for awareness of sexual harassment faced by women in the workplace, by comparing the powerful movie studio executive to Trump.

In 2016, top-rated MSNBC host Rachel Maddow slammed Trump following the release of a tape from the archives of “Access Hollywood” in which he’s heard saying he grabs women by the “pussy.” Maddow referenced Trump’s “alleged behavior on the set of TV shows” as problematic.

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