Jen Psaki Digs Deepest of Holes for Biden on Afghanistan Exit When Asked About SOTU ‘Priorities’ – Opinion

As we previously reported, there has been much handwringing and pearl-clutching from The Usual Suspects over the instance during President Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday when Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) “heckled” Biden as he referenced the “flag-draped coffins” of U.S. casualties in foreign conflicts during his speech.

If you missed this much-talked about moment, don’t worry!

The “official” word from so-called reporters and They allies on the left was that Boebert chose to be disrespectful specifically when Biden mentioned his son Beau Biden, a JAG lawyer and Iraq war veteran who died from cancer in 2015. Obviously, the clip proves their claim about Boebert not to be true, but then again hard evidence has never, ever deterred the press when there are false political narratives to spread – especially in a critical election year.

In any event, White House press secretary Jen Psaki appeared on MSNBC Wednesday morning hours after Biden’s speech for an interview with Politico White House bureau chief Jon Lemire, who hosts on an early morning show on the liberally-biased network appropriately called “Way Too Early.”

At one point during the segment, Psaki was asked about the “heckling” from Boebert and fellow Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) and she actually had the nerve to suggest theirPriorities were not set where they ought to be

Psaki later told Lemire that Biden was too busy to cover all of his priorities in one speech. The clip below makes it appear that Lemire wanted to ask her why Biden didn’t mention the 13 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan. But, what he really asked (which she responded below) was Biden’s failure to mention the Capitol riots.

Between the two answers, this is what’s called “digging a deep hole” for your boss, even deeper than the one he himself broke the shovel out for.

Any person who is elected President of the United States has two main jobs: to protect and command his military. It’s often been said by past presidents that their toughest job is to send the men and women of the military into armed conflict, knowing there’s a likelihood some will not make it home alive. When they do indeed die – especially as a result of Your botched policies – you should spend your every waking moment atoning for that in some way, whether it be in actions or in words.

Joe Biden did neither. Perhaps because he felt there was nothing wrong in his Afghanistan exit strategy or because he thought the deaths would be inevitable. But he decided not to prioritizeHis speech included the executions of 13 servicemen.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s not Boebert’s and Greene’s priorities that are messed up on this issue. It’s Biden’s. In fact, it shouldn’t even be an arguable point, but because the media are such sniveling apologists for this administration, here we are.

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