James Woods Slams ‘Butt Plug’ Neocon for Siding With Dems vs. Trump

James Woods Slams Neocon for Still Siding With Dems Against Trump: Take Out Your ‘Butt Plug’

“How about this legislation …”

James Woods landed one of his signature body blows on Twitter Saturday – and it was well below the belt.

The right-wing actor walloped famed neoconservative Bill Kristol for tweeting a shot at President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the border. Kristol had joked earlier in the day that Trump’s recent veto of a congressional rejection of his emergency order should be “automatically terminated” because of the president’s recent golf outings.

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Woods – a hardline supporter of Trump and his wall, which the emergency order is designed to fund – suggested that Kristol was not thinking clearly because of a lack of blood flow to his brain. He identified the obstruction as an anal sex toy.

A day earlier, Trump had nixed legislation that sought to overturn his declaration. Although a number of Republicans sided with Democrats in advancing the legislation, Congress was not expected to muster the votes to override the veto, meaning the president’s national emergency will remain in effect.

Still, legal challenges could tie the declaration up in court. Last month, 20 states, including California and New York, sued over Trump’s use of emergency powers, arguing that the president does not have the authority to divert funds for building a wall along the Mexican border because it is Congress that controls spending.

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In making the case for his wall, Trump has long warned of a security and humanitarian crisis at the border with Mexico. Democrats have pushed back, claiming that illegal immigration is at the lowest point in decades – and that anyway, the migrants are not a security threat.

They have often claimed that Trump’s immigration policies and rhetoric are racist, and Kristol, the founder of the recently shuttered Weekly Standard, has suggested the same.

However, as experts told The Washington Post last week, 2019 is actually on pace to see the most border apprehensions in over a decade. The trend has been driven by a surge of Central American families, as well as beefed up border security.

In a press release issued earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security characterized the situation at the border as having reached a “breaking point.”

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