James Woods Hits Back at ‘Disadvantaged’ Feminist Alyssa Milano in Twitter Battle

“I shan’t engage in a battle of wits with you, Alyssa.”

James Woods delivered a cutting rebuttal to feminist activist and actress Alyssa Milano in an exchange on Twitter Friday.

It started when the conservative actor posted a widely shared tweet criticizing the media for what he called an “onslaught against ‘white privilege,’ Christianity, ‘male toxicity,’ all the liberal nonsense.

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He warned that it amounted to a “race war against” against America’s white majority, which he deemed misguided given the lessons of power he took from history.

Woods, a Golden Globe Award winner who has repeatedly urged conservatives to arm themselves for civil conflict in the past, might have been referring to a number of recent battles in the culture wars, including over tendentious coverage and widespread vilification of a group of Catholic school boys for their confrontation last weekend with a Native American activist and over a Gillette TV advertisement released days earlier decrying “toxic masculinity.”

While white Americans still hold a fast-eroding demographic majority in the United States, and white Christians recently became a minority in the country.

But Milano was not here to talk numbers. She sought to condemn Woods as a bigot, interpreting his post for her 3.51 million Twitter followers to be saying: “if you’re a minority of any kind, sit down and shut up.

“Please correct me if I’m wrong,” she sniped at the actor.

However, the canny Woods, who has 1.95 Twitter followers of his own, declined to take the bait. Instead, he responded that he would not engage in a “battle of wits” with Milano, citing his “soft spot for the disadvantaged.”

Woods thereby managed to end the exchange and feign a move to moral high ground even as he leveled what could be alternatively read as a critique of Milano’s intelligence or of her pose as a victim of systemic oppression ― or both. The actor recently issued a similarly double-edged nod to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the rockstar New York Democrat.

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Milano, known for her role on TV shows like The WB’s “Charmed,” has used her status as a Hollywood name to rail against “the patriarchy” on Twitter and in the press. She helped launch the #MeToo movement in 2017 and has more than once campaigned for Democratic candidates and lambasted President Donald Trump. Last week, the actress equated “Make America Great Again” caps with the Ku Klux Klans’ white hoods.

The press and the liberal public have widely celebrated her efforts, and to be fair, Milano she could be said to be using her position of privilege to advocate for her fellow women and other groups she deems disadvantage.

However, judging by the Twitter reaction, Woods’ tweet appealed to many conservatives who have grown tired of what they take to be self-righteous, if not hypocritical, preaching from liberal elites about white, Christian, and male backwardness.

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