Pluralist - Women's March Participant Terrified by Trump Supporter's 'MAGA' Hat: 'Emotion Is Fact!'

Women’s March Participant Terrified by Trump Supporter’s ‘MAGA’ Hat: ‘Emotion Is Fact!’

“I am afraid of that hat!”

A Women’s March Los Angeles attendee expressed terror at the sight of a President Donald Trump supporter’s “Make America Great Again” during an encounter caught on camera and shared to social media this week.

“Think about your hat and the way it makes people feel because it incites fear in all those around us,” the buzz cut-sporting woman said in the video. “Every person is afraid of that hat!”

“I am afraid of that hat!” she added.

Conservative influencer and filmmaker Fog City Midge captured the interaction, which took place between the Women’s March participant and David J. Harris Jr., a California-based conservative personality and Trump supporter.

Harris rejected arguments suggesting the iconic red “Make America Great Again” cap is inherently bigoted.

“Keep America great — for so many people that’s racism,” the woman said. “That’s because of the mainstream media’s narrative that’s painted Donald Trump as a racist,” Harris replied. “I don’t agree with the narrative. I’m out here to try to share that that narrative is skewed.”

“But as a human being, we should pay attention to fear and not logic.”

A Jan. 18 confrontation between a group of Catholic high school teens wearing red “MAGA” hats and a Native American man reignited an ongoing cultural debate over the meaning of the sartorial accessory that’s come to be most associated with Trump and Trumpism.

Trump’s (mostly liberal) critics have long charged that the president’s purported bigotry against marginalized groups has imbued the red cap with a noxious significance. Anyone who puts on the hat, they claim, is making a political and racist statement — whether they intend to or not.

Hence the aggrieved reaction of the woman in Fog City Midge’s video, who at one point argued that Harris should remove his hat out of a sense of humanity. “But as a human being,” she said, “we should pay attention to fear and not logic.”

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