Maxim Model Kept Secret About Trump Out of Fear Liberals Would Destroy Her Career

“It was clear from the start that, if I wanted to survive in modeling, I couldn’t tell anyone about my new job.”

A former Maxim model has broken her silence and opened up about working full-time for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, despite fears that it could ruin her modeling career.

Elizabeth Pipko, 23, began her ‘MAGA’ career as a volunteer for the 2016 Trump campaign. But within just eight weeks, she rose to the position of national volunteer services coordinator, a position that paid her $4,000 per month.

Pipko told her story for the first time in a New York Post interview published Saturday. She said she felt pressure from the very beginning to keep her work secret. 

“It was clear from the start that, if I wanted to survive in modeling, I couldn’t tell anyone about my new job,” she told the tabloid in a recent sit- down.

Pipko went on to detail the myriad stresses her work for Trump’s election placed on her work as a professional model.

“Once, after working a 10-hour-day on the Trump campaign, I went to meet with my manager (who was not affiliated with a modeling agency). He and a colleague were enraged, screaming about how much they hate Trump. My manager kept saying how evil the people who work for him must be and that he would never work with anyone who supported him,” she recounted. “I was terrified they would find out that I was one of the so-called evil people.”

To keep her visits to Trump Tower in New York a secret, Pipko created an elaborate lie according to which she was an ice-skating coach when she wasn’t modeling.

“’When I ran into a modeling friend on my way there one day, I immediately hid my badge and said I was running errands. But at every modeling job or meeting, the talk inevitably turned to Trump, and it was always high-stress,” she said.

But during one modeling gig, her worlds suddenly came crashing together, Pipko recalled, and she wasn’t sure she could finish the session.

“At one shoot, the photographer came in wearing a black T-shirt with a gigantic red slash over Trump’s face. I was so unnerved, I could barely concentrate on the job at hand.”

As an example of the great lengths she went to hide her work on the Trump campaign, Pipko detailed how she had her brother write an algorithm that would constantly search the internet with her name and keywords other than Trump, so when people searched for her, the president wouldn’t appear alongside in the results.

After two years of silence, the model decided now was the right time to speak out “even if it means saying goodbye to modeling forever.”

At this point, it would Pipko would seem to be more committed to the ‘MAGA’ agenda than her modeling career. She last month married her husband, Darren Centinello, a current member of Trump’s 2020 campaign team, at the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort. The invitations were ‘MAGA’ hats with tags containing details about the nuptial.

Sadly, the president couldn’t attend, as the federal government shutdown had just begun.

“We weren’t worried about offending our guests — at this point, I’ve already lost so many friends because of my Trump affiliation, the ones left standing are here to stay,” said Pipko.

With her announcement to the Post, Pipko appeared to have gained at least one in the Trump family: Lara Trump, an adviser to the president and the wife of his son Eric Trump.

Pipko’s account of facing elite shaming over her Trump activism jives with the widespread conservative impression of a political movement, and a culture, under siege. This malignment has reached a fever pitch recently as much of the media and the political left have vilified a group of Catholic school boys, some of whom wore ‘MAGA’ hats, based on a misleading viral video of their confrontation with a Native American activist. 

But Pipko won’t let the backlash stop her. Asked what she plans to do moving forward, the former model proudly said: “I’m already hoping to take part in the reelection in some capacity. And this time, I’m not going to hide it.”

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