Is This a Joke? Todd Turns to Sharpton for Comment on Racist Violence

One day after the horrific mass shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo New York, NBC’s Chuck Todd during his panel segment on Meet the PressAl Sharpton will be our guest and give his opinion on the ways America can end racism.

Logan Ratick is the NewsMax national correspondent, despite Sharpton being there pointed out, had instigated both the Crown Heights riot and the Freddy’s Fashion Mart attack, Todd still had him on the show to comment about the mass shooting in Buffalo. 

“Reverend Sharpton, we have a toxic stew here. White supremacy, ideology that’s spreading. Guns are easy to access. A permissive internet culture which almost encourages this extreme-right ideology to be shared.”How do we begin? Todd asked. 



Todd was ironically replied to Sharpton, an anti-semite notoriously racist. “we start by changing the tone nationally.” 

Al Cardenas was later informed by Todd about the alleged Republican consultant. “there is this growing virus and not enough, it feels like not enough leaders on the right call it out. They sort of, there’s an appeasement of it to be generous” to which he responded with a tirade about how racist his party is for not condemning David Duke enough, and bemoaned the fact that he thought “there was going to be a move for social justice” after George Floyd died, “yet very little has happened.”

To add to the madness, there is also the Washington Post’s White House bureau chief Ashley Parker wailed that because of these mass shootings, gun control is needed despite New York having one of the most strict gun control laws in the country, adding that this “is an area where Congress has been able to do absolutely nothing.”

Todd groaned as he ended the segment. “that every time there is an attempt to sort of deal with, particularly deal with domestic terrorism, this white supremacy issue. All of a sudden, there’s a whole bunch of Republicans in congress to start screaming speech.” 

USA Today Washington Bureau chief Susan Page responded by suggesting that because some people on the fringes talk about theories like “white replacement”, free speech should be curtailed: It is vital to allow free speech. Free speech is not a license to endorse things like replacement theory.” 

Charles Schwab brought Chuck Todd and Al Sharpton, race hustlers and riot provocators to the table to discuss racial-related violence. They are linked. 

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NBC’s Meet the Press
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CHUCK TODD – Reverend Sharpton: We are in a toxic soup here. White supremacy, ideology that’s spreading. Guns are easy to access. This permissive culture almost encourages the sharing of far-right ideologies through the internet. How do we get started? 

AL SHARPTON – We begin by changing the tone in America. As you stated to Mayor Brown, we cannot continue on as before. You heard this from the mayor in government. Federal government does not do anything. When I began receiving calls last night from the National Action Network Buffalo chapter, I was able to explain what had happened and I also started receiving calls from officials from the government. I stated that the president Biden must call a summit gathering of black, jewish and Asian leaders to address hate crimes. This government cannot stand by while this happens. It is important to set a tone so that young men like these understand how the federal government will treat them. They monitor what is going on, and will not tolerate it. This should be done immediately. We’ve moved from Tree of Life in Charleston to Buffalo. We just keep putting out press releases rather than dealing this matter with the urgency it demands. I reached out Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL chief, to discuss this and suggested that we all go together to the White House to address this issue. It isn’t just blacks. 

TODD: Latinos in El Paso. 

SHARPTON So it’s hate everywhere. It is time for the President to take charge and declare that this cannot be tolerated. 


TODD: Al. On the far-right there’s a growing virus. It feels like too many leaders are not calling it out. It’s kind of true, it seems like there is an appeasement to it.  

AL CARDENAS – There used to be political parties. These were once serious politics that would speak up against such things. David Duke ran for office. But, I was not the only one who spoke up as party chair. He was a unique member of his family, it was not surprising. 

It’s now to the country. People keep quiet and their silence can be misinterpreted. Let me tell you this. America’s incapability to do things frustrates me. There were huge demonstrations after George Floyd died. There was a movement for social justice, and I believed it would happen. 

In Florida we had Parkland, then there was the shooting at Gay Dancehall. My nephew died. The limited action is minimal. The frustration that America feels is due to the horrific reality of what’s happening in America, how governments and politicians aren’t doing anything about it, and the result is calamity. 

ASHLEY PARKER: Guns are the second component. While the Reverend may be right about tone being important, you have to look at all these hate crimes committed using guns. This is one area in which Congress has done absolutely nothing. Then there’s Sandy Hook. People you interviewed were talking about gun reform. But then you see Sandy Hook. There are kindergarteners killed, mother Emmanuel shot in a Church. Las Vegas was a Country Music concert. All aspects of society have been affected by guns, but congress has not done anything. 

SUSAN Page: Then why are we so overwhelmed on days like these? That we’re just having the same conversation we have before because in fact, there are things we could do. These sites could be more easily monitored by law enforcement. These sites could be taken down more effectively by social media platforms. They could be covered more by the news media, legislators could make more efforts to reach a common position on gun control, and Americans could say that these hate-motivated shootings are not representative of America. This radical fringe is unacceptable. Americans must speak out and refuse to accept this. 

MATT BAI; I’m referring to the fact that we have discussed it before. Columbine was a topic I covered back when it was still new. Now, this is part of the culture. This is a common thing. Ashley is right. Congress has done absolutely no. You know what, Reverend Al said earlier. While we might differ on some points, I disagree with most people. However, I don’t believe that this country has become more violent or racist since it was 25 to 50 years ago. It is my opinion that there are some in our political system who have legitimized an extremist and dangerous section of our political discourse. They must accept responsibility and be held accountable for the violence. 

CARDENAS: Matt: Racism has moved from the fringe to the mainstream. 

BAI: Yeah. That’s true. 


TODD: At times, feels like a tool for political organization. 

SHARPTON: The problem is it’s been normalized. Remember, this 18-year-old is charged in Buffalo. Charlottesville occurred when he was 15. He said that there were good people and fine people on both side. This gives him some comfort. Joe Biden is an honest and decent man. We need to change the tone. Guns are a problem because it was established when he was young. Being impressionable. It’s okay to march, and Jews won’t replace me. That’s what he saw at 15 years old and he saw it from the White House. 

PARKER He seemed sincere in his words. Now, you can see that nothing much has changed. It’s the same culture. 

TODD: Susan (and Matt) seem to agree that white supremacy is a problem every time someone attempts to make a deal, especially with domestic terror. It seems like there are a lot of Republicans who have started screaming in congress. 

PAGE: Free speech is vital. The right to free speech doesn’t give the ability to endorse replacement theories. It is a terrible and terrible idea that elites are trying to take over America to make it a nation of blacks and browns to diminish the power of whites. It is completely unAmerican. Which elected official is this? 

TODD: Inhumane. It’s not just un-American, it is also inhumane. 

BAI: I’m as close to a free speech absolutist as you’re probably gonna find and I really believe that free speech is threatened in a lot of corners of society, but free speech demands leadership and when you have a society that is free, you also have to have a society with leaders who stand up for morality and for the right instincts and the culture. To ensure that things are not taken from the fringes of society and brought into the main stream and made legal, This is what we have done wrong and continue to do wrong. 

CARDENAS – Everyday, every day. It’s a huge deal for me. Babies from immigrant families are responsible for formula shortage. You mean? It’s our mission to eradicate hate from every corner of the globe. 

TODD: You are absolutely correct. To be sure, there are some on the right who want to cause that division.

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