Continuing Collapse of Key 2020 Demographic Shows ‘Bleak’ 2024 Outlook for Biden – Opinion

Publicly, politicians are only interested in polls. As a veteran political pundit, I don’t pay much attention to weekly or monthly fluctuations, myself — clickbait headlines, be damned — particularly related to the 2024 presidential election, which is 905 days away as I write. However, if I were Joe Biden, here’s a trend that would scare the everloving hell out of me:

According to a poll, only 3 out of 10 voters who supported Trump in 2016 voted for Biden. That is a profound drop — not only from the perspective of a 70 percent swing; but also by the sheer number of votes potential moving from one column to the other.

According to the Washington ExaminerJ.L., Republican public opinion firm, released the results. Partners, also found that just one in five of the same voters graded Biden as performing “very well” as president. Biden received much less criticism from those over 65. The following is a link to the Examiner:

J.L. Partners founder James Johnson, former British Prime Minister Theresa May’s chief pollster, predicts that so-called purple voters will be pivotal in November’s midterm elections and the next presidential cycle, estimating that approximately 4 million people are members of the group.

According to the poll, more than 1 out 4 people plan on voting Republican in the fall. The reason is due to liberal positions regarding the removal and use of monuments, gender pronouns and race protests. About 68% of respondents remained loyal to Democrats.

Johnson, too, attributes Biden’s and Democrats’ deteriorating purple voter support to disappointment over their handling of the economy and immigration policy as well as their promise to unite the country. Democrats retain their advantage over Republicans regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, purple voters’ top concern, and healthcare, according to Johnson.

Johnson suggested — as I have suggested, multiple times, only to be skewered by “some people” for doing so — Republicans in 2024 would do much better by targeting their message on inflation, crime, and the border than in focusing on 2020. My bet: Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be able to follow this advice. (Just go ahead and jump to “Comments” and skewer me now, if that floats your boat — all good.)

“For Biden, the poll is bleak,” Johnson told the Examiner, In an understatement.

It’s not surprising. Despite Biden’s “Time to heal” and “unity” nonsense, he and his handlers have been hellbent on destroying America as we know it from Day One of their occupation of the Oval Office. Crisis after crisis — every one of them with full intent — have been dropped on everyday Americans with a vengeance, with the inept president lying about their intent and when he has nowhere to hide, blaming everyone and everything but himself.

At any rate, before the Democrats can “enjoy the luxury” of focusing entirely on 2024, the business of the 2022 midterms and a likely ass-kicking lies just around the corner. According to Bonchie, my RedState colleague on Sunday: A new poll by NBC News is not good news for the whole Democrat Party.

The above stats aren’t rocket science, let alone Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket science </snark>.

As the old saw goes, it’s the economy, stupid.

Let’s get to the bottom of it:

While Biden and the Democrats continue to focus on redefining “woman” (although no one on Team Biden is a biologist, as far as I know), support for “trans” women kicking the hell out of For females in women’s sports, gender “self-identification,” student loan “forgiveness,” and the rest of their radical agenda, the majority of Americans care far more about the price of gas, the availability of baby formula, rampant overall inflation, runaway crime, and Biden’s out-of-control importation of illegal aliens on a scale previously unseen.

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